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The films I've watched recently.
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Films that Mark Kermode has mentioned on his BBC Five Live podcast that I'd like to see
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Still to be decided: 2013, 2012, 2008, 1997, 1996, 1993, 1992, 1990-1986,1984-1981, 1979--
joint tops for 2003, 2001, 1995
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There are countless "the most disturbing/shocking films you've ever seen" lists and discussion threads. I spent an evening searching through them and found a link to some radio show (I think) where 2 guys spent a week watching as many films as possible from such lists. The result of their painful endeavour was this list. Regrettably I lost the link and have no further info on them or their article.
As the years go on, I am slowly ploughing my way through their list. The further I get, the less I want to continue!

(if anyone knows of the article, please contact me and I'll duly credit them, for indeed they deserve credit for their work)
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Fantasy Film Fest films that I want to see
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Munich Fantasy Filmfest 2013
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films that didn't make it into the top 12 but could have
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Top 5. Then in 6th place (almost top 5 but not quite). In 7th place, the not in the list films (because released for previous year's awards). In 10th place: Boyd Hilton's top 9 (that aren't in Kermode's top 10)
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Podcast from 01/01/2010
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Kermode's Top Films of 2012
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James Bond films, sorted by highest imdb rating
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Fantasy Film Fest 2012 titles (thanks to MrFilmJunkie, I copied them from his list: )
although he seemed to be missing:
13 Eerie, A.C.A.B., the awakening, black out, BO-NEUN DOO GAE-EUI NOON, comEDOWN, doomsday book [INRYU MYEONGMANG BOGOSEO], The Ghostmaker, CHE SAU (motorway), MOrituris, THE POSSESSION, replicas, resolution, switch, UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: Day of Reckoning - 3D, the wee man
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Mark Kermode's Top films of 2011 (as heard on the Wittertainment Podcast).
Top 11 of 2011.
(12 to 16 are "bubbling under", i.e. didn't quite make it into the top 11, but are still great films)
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Kermode 6th May 2010: best british films
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Kirsten wants everyone to recommend a really good horror film for me. I feel a trip to hmv coming on...
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This is all the movies from the Fantasy Film Festival (2007) in Germany.
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Fantasy Film Fest 2008 (
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Mark Kermode's Top Ten Films of All Time
(according to the IMDB Trivia Section: )
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Fantasy Film Fest 2009 (Munich)
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2010 - all films