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King Kong (2005)
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Great, but not 3 hours great, 2 April 2006

Great film, very entertaining, but it was way too long. It didn't need to be 3 hours long. I have no problem with a film being 3 hours long, IF it has 3 hours worth of quality material. This film does not. Most films do not, that is why they are edited down, to remove the fluff, to keep the audience.

They spent WAY too much time developing the background stories of both Denham and Ann, even though neither background story had any impact on the film as a whole, nor the film's climax, nor anything beyond reaching the island.

Peter Jackson seems to think that just because it worked for the Lord of The Rings trilogy, that he can make every film with an extended running time. What he fails to realize, is that one of the most important skills in film making, if being able to cut the film down to it's best and most entertaining edit. The LOTR films had so much material, because of Tolken, not Jackson... Save the fluff footage for DVD extras. Or what is the point of editing in the first place?

This is King Kong. It is not a historical epic like Gettysburg or Braveheart. This is King Kong, not a brilliant story like Seven Samuri.

This film was very entertaining, eventually, once it got going. I enjoyed it, and will probably purchase the DVD. I recommend it to everyone, but, ONLY if you are able to sit through the fluff to get to the actual film. Most of you will turn it off before seeing it's brilliance. This film succeeds in making the viewer feel for "the beast", and they really bring out the love story between "beauty and the beast" very well.

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Terrible!, 7 March 2006

What a terrible film. Not enjoyable at all. It is depressing way more often than funny. The funny moments added together would equal about a minute of screen time. The rest of the film was a total waste. The characters are so annoying, that it is impossible to feel for them, even in the moments intended to be emotional. A household of undisciplined brats, and two parents who barely get along, are too easily dominated by their children, and who allow their children to control their career decisions, is not entertainment, it is annoyance at best. It is at times too realistic to the toughness of two career families to be enjoyable. People watch films to escape reality, not be painfully reminded of it. At other times, it is too absurd to be taken seriously. There is a happy medium between realism and surrealism. This film never achieves it. The story is so clichéd and predictable. Every single thing that happens on screen, you knew would happen before it did. If you are looking for a humorous film, or a touching film, or even an entertaining film, look elsewhere, this isn't it. If you are looking for an instructional manual on how not to raise children, then maybe this is for you.

Domino (2005)
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Suprizingly great film, 25 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wow! Imagine my surprise. I went into watching this film expecting utter crap, and ended up seeing one of the best films I've ever seen (and I've seen A LOT!). Keira Knightley is not a good actress, and this film does not change that fact. She will always be famous ONLY for being a poor man's Natalie Portman. But this film is great. Very well directed, and very well written. The performances are average, but the film as a whole makes up for any lack of acting abilities. I have a new found appreciation for Mickey Rourke after Sin City and this film. At times, this film is pretentious in it's attempts to be "innovative", but in most cases it actually works well into the storyline.

*SLIGHT SPOILER* The whole reality TV show gone too far, and 90210 washed up celebs storyline was HILARIOUS, and really added to the film.

A lot of people seem to hate this film, and I usually hate most films, but I really like this film. It entertained me constantly, from beginning to end, the entire 128 minutes. I didn't want it to end. This film is definitely not the usual Hollywood drivel that they usually try to spoonfeed us. I highly recommend this film, but only a few of you will like it...

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Mostly boring and pointless, 22 February 2006

This film had it's moments, but they were very few and far between, with huge gaps of boredom and uselessness separating them.

This is yet another film, like the recent Elizabethtown, that tries to ride on the coattails of brilliant "finding your place in life" films like Lost In Translation, Life Aquatic, and Garden State. But this film fails miserably at achieving even a sliver of greatness, as did Elizabethtown.

Both The Weather Man and Elizabethtown looked great in their previews, but I guess the minute and a half of preview footage was the minute and a half of entertaining moments in their respective films.

This film had a few memorable moments, and that is why I give it a 3 rather than a 1, but that is as high as I can go, and that is a very generous rating...

Mirrormask (2005)
Brilliant!, 19 February 2006

Great film. Completely brilliant. A visual masterpiece, exploring the vast depths of brilliant storytelling. The always brilliant and one of a kind visual creativity of Dave McKean, mixed with the always imaginative and unrivaled worlds created in the writing of Neil Gaiman. These two men always achieve a level beyond brilliance when they collaborate. They bring out the best in each other's work. Only McKean seems to be able to properly visually portray Gaiman's words, doing them the justice they deserve, brining them to vivid life. Only Gaiman's writing can inspire such great art from McKean. MirrorMask is yet another triumph of this epic partnership, rivaling Sandman in greatness. Stephanie Leonidas is brilliant in the role of Helena. She was perfect for this role. She really brought out the vulnerability and youth of the character, while having the ability within her to be the unlikely hero. She is gorgeous and talented, and will have a long career. Great casting choice. MirrorMask is brilliant, creative, unique, dark, beautiful, dreamy, unusual, everything Corpse Bride was supposed to be, but failed to achieve. Just like listening to classical music supposedly does, the vastness of McKean and Gaiman's creativity will exercise your brain, and expand your mind. See this film, and open your mind to the possibilities it can achieve.

The Man (2005)
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film finds no audience, 17 January 2006

WOW! What a bad movie! WOW! I didn't expect much from it, but it was even worse than I ever imagined it would be! This film reaches NO target audience. It is SO goofy, that only a little kid would find it funny, but yet it has such constant TERRIBLE language that no kid should be allowed to watch it. It should be rated R for the language and violence, yet what person over 17 would like it? It was rated PG-13, but what person 13 or older would even like it? Also, it has no cultural target audience. It badly stereotypes whites as clumsy naive dorks, and blacks as violent ghetto thugs. Who could possibly like this film? Are both Jackson and Levy THAT desperate for work that they took on this project?! I can see Levy, as he has really been typecast into having to take these roles, but Jackson could do MUCH better. If fart jokes and gunshots to the butt, intermixed with constant obscenities makes you laugh, this is your film. Buy it, you'll love it! If you have the maturity of the age level you are supposed to be to see this film, save yourself the trouble, rent something else. Rent Bevis and Butthead. At least they to sophomoric humor well... I gave it a 3 out of 10, but that was charity...

Great and powerful film, 11 January 2006

Great film. Very powerful. Very entertaining. Great acting performances. Great casting. Great script. Characters you really feel for. One of 2005's best films. It's a great story of a man trying to live his dreams, and get out of the mediocre life he's leading. Very inspiring for all of us who want more than life's given us, and feel we have the potential for more than we've done. If we all took a shot, we'd have far less regrets. I'd rather know for sure, than wonder "what if?". I'm sure a lot of people will say it's ripping off 8 Mile, but I think this film is far superior, and much more believable. I loved this film, despite not liking rap music, so it really transcends audience demographics. It's a film about a would be rapper, but it's not just a film for rap fans. It's a film for anyone with a dream, which really should be everyone...

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Bad film, pairing, acting, script, you name it, it's bad lol, 5 January 2006

WOW! THAT"S A BAD MOVIE! DO NOT WATCH IT! lol Plus, that is the worst pairing I've seen in a long time. Paul Walker doesn't even deserve to meet Jessica Alba, let alone kiss her repeatedly! And Walker is the worst actor since Brad Pitt. I'm still not sure why this idiot is famous... Alba's not a great actress either though...she's seemed to settle into the stereotype of "looks good on screen, so doesn't have to act", the same thing that happened to Drew Barrymore. Her earlier work, and Dark Angel were so much better than her recent film work. The supporting cast was even worse! Scott Caan, Ashley Scott, Josh Brolin, James Frain, some of the worst acting I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot! (Caan and Brolin are only in films because of having powerful fathers in the business)

Poorly written, almost no continuity, boring for extended periods, many scenes should have been cut shorter, very little realism (Even experienced divers need to breathe, and in that first treasure finding scene, all 4 didn't bother to go up for air hardly ever, including the 2 "cityfolk" who were afraid of the sharks), obvious studio tanks in supposed underwater scenes, etc.

If I listed all the problems with this film, I'd be here all if you were looking for a good treasure hunting film like I was, just know not to bother seeing this film. If you are one of the many people who just want to see Walker and Alba in skimpy bathing suits, have a blast...

Dark Water (2005)
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Boring divorce film, 28 December 2005

Dark Water is one of the most boring films I've ever seen. One of the worst of the year by far. The acting of Jennifer Connelly is horrible at best. The supporting characters were terrible too, even the usually brilliant Pete Postlewaite. The only strong performance is by the little girl, Ariel Gade. The script is pointless. It is more of a divorce film than anything, combined with the always clichéd thriller plots of "Is she crazy, or is it real?" and "Does the child really see something?". It never quite reaches suspense, or thrill, or even entertainment. If you are looking for Kramer vs Kramer, maybe this is your film. If you are looking for The Ring, or Hide and Seek, look elsewhere. Unless you are an incurable insomniac, badly in need of sleep, do not watch this film.

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Great film, 26 December 2005

Great film. Very entertaining throughout. It was brilliant to center the film around the court case, rather than going for a straight horror approach. The whole medical explanation vs spiritual explanation debate of the case is what makes the film so entertaining. And they leave it open ended, as both sides plead their case very well, leaving some audience members convinced of one, others convinced of the other. Reguardless, it gets the audience thinking, examining, exploring the possibilities available. Very well done. Great script, great visually, great sound. Very very well done. Strong performances by Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson (who even looks like a priest), Jennifer Carpenter, Campbell Scott, and Duncan Fraser. I really enjoyed this film. One of the most gripping and entertaining films of the year, by far. It keeps you on the edge of your seat, guessing who's going to win the trial, as the momentum sways back and forth. I highly recommend seeing this film. In a year of terrible films, this one has few peers.

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