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Undertow (2004)
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This movie is something else, 5 October 2004

David Gordon Green will deny many people's expectations. Instead of pandering to himself, and many other immature movie-goers/aspiring filmmakers, he has challenged himself. Besides homages to prominent and obscure 70s films, this is his first mature film that comes from an adult perspective. His past two films have spent the majority of their running time endearing themselves to the audience. In Undertow, he approaches the audience from a specific, demanding perspective. The film is coming from a new place, not an insecure, immature point of view that a majority of young filmmakers start from. Here, despite the praises of his past two films, he has challenged himself to make something that his more his own as opposed to more of the same (an epidemic that has stunted many talented filmmakers' growth). Though David Gordon Green should be credited with the success and minor miscalculations of the film, it is clear that his collaboration with Terrence Malick, Ed Pressman, and Philip Glass have elevated his developing talents.