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One word - LAME, 4 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went into watching this with the highest of expectations. That might have been my problem. Admittedly, I didn't watch the show as a child, I just played with the toys. That said, I think that if I HAD watched the show, I STILL would have hated this movie. There were so many things about it that bothered me: 1. There were scenes at the beginning that were good and funny but they were too long (when they are looking for the glasses, when they were at the car dealership and got Bumblebee) so by the end I was bored. Editing is a wonderful thing. 2. Speaking of editing, Michael Bay has a way of editing things that just makes you wanna throw things at his head if you ever meet him. There were parts when a transformer was transforming and there were things going on around him that were important, but the camera was too close to the transformer so you couldn't see what was happening around him. Michael did the same thing in Armagedden. Thousands of close-up shots of things transforming, being blown up, getting smashed, all back to back so the audience doesn't know what is transforming, being blown up, or getting smashed. 3. The casting was a joke. I liked Shia, don't get me wrong, but everyone else could have been re-casted and it probably would have made a huge difference. 4. The music felt like it was out of place. This is a movie ultimately about cartoon characters so why recycle music from Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, which was ultimately about the triumph of the American Spirit? Why recycle music from any movie? 5. There were more but I'll end with this one because it's my biggest pet-peeve. I am buying the fact that there are giant CGI robots fighting each other. I understand it because the movie is called Transformers, so it's about transformers. For me to believe something that isn't real, like robots from another planet came to this planet for some reason, everything else about this movie has to be believable. So when the only person on earth who can figure out what that code was that the little transformer was using, is a guy who lives with his mom and they figure it out on his Mac, I have one word...Stupid! If at the end there is an epic battle where there are these huge robots fighting on a street, with buildings on both sides, they are throwing cars, stepping everywhere and shooting things, and all these people are just standing around and watching it...Stupid...beyond stupid...beyond-my-comprehension stupid!

If you liked this movie, you probably liked The Fast and the Furious and Meet the Folkers. You probably like Nickleback and Hinder. You probably don't like going to art museums or reading novels. If you fit those descriptions, get some culture will you? For the sake of Humankind? Please?

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To all the Brits and Americans who don't like the American version..., 23 August 2007

First to all the Brits: There is more to this version than just the pilot! The creator, Greg Daniels, did take the pilot of the UK version and rework it for American audiences, so yes the pilots are very similar. And they did take the four main characters from the UK version and made them American. And it does take place in an office. However, that's where the similarities end! For those of you who don't believe me: watch Health Care and The Alliance from season one; Sexual Harassment, Office Olympics, The Client, The Injury (the best one), Conflict Resolution, and Casino Night from season two; and Gay Witch Hunt, The Coup, Initiation, The Merger, The Return, Business School, and The Job from season three. Until you watch ALL of those, you have no right to dismiss it as not funny with characters who have no dimension.

Second to all the Americans: The show is supposed to look like that! It is called a mockumentary which means it's scripted with actors but it's supposed to look like a documentary. The reason why it looks like a reality show is because it's supposed to! What's wrong with you?!? Don't you guys know things?

I have watched both versions. While the original one is wonderful and worth watching, I enjoy the American version better. For one, the UK version doesn't have Dwight. It has Garreth who isn't nearly as great as Dwight is. For another, I like the fact that Michael Scott isn't a total moron. He is really stupid, but there definitely is a reason why he is boss.

The main reason why I like the American version better is because the censors in Britian are more lax then the ones here. Pretty much anything can be put on TV. That's why you get people having doggie sex in the parking lot in the British one along with vibrator and penis jokes. Because the American writers have stricter censors to deal with, I feel that the humor is more clever than the British version. When it comes to humor, vulgar produces easy and cheap laughs. Clean is more difficult and the result is brilliant when done well.

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sucked, sucked, SUCKED!!!!!!!, 3 September 2005

It's sad how bad this movie was. First of all, they took a really good idea and wrecked it with horrible acting, horrible writing, cheesy dialoge and weird directing. I normally like Terry Gilliam, but he made some strange choices.

Then there was an Italian character who was so annoying, you just wanted to see him die a horrible death (he didn't however).

I think that the most unnerving part of the movie is that it was cheesy to the point that only a child, or a person who hasn't seen a lot of movies in their life, would think it was good. However, it was such a dark movie that no child under the age of eight should be allowed to see it.

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Should be in everyone's top-5-movie-of-all-time list!, 7 October 2004

It's amazing how a movie which ultimately has nothing to do with Christmas, is believed by everyone to be a Christmas movie. The only thing about Christmas in this movie is that Jimmy Stewart's revelation about his life happened at Christmas time.

What I think I like most about this movie, besides the awesome plot and acting, is the banter between everyone in it, even the silent banter. If you haven't seen this movie yet, even though you've lived this long, you need to rent it or just buy it because I know you will love it. If you still don't want to see it, feel free to take a hammer and break all your fingers AND toes.

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Jim Carrey can play any role he wants!!!!, 5 October 2004

By the end of this movie you will love the movies, love America, and love Jim Carrey. Every other movie staring Jim Carrey, no matter how serious, you could still see a little bit of Ace Ventura coming out. In this movie, it is a COMPLETE 180 degree performance. There were no outrageous facial expressions, gestures or body movements. It was just him, and he's awesome!

The story was good too, of course. Peter Appleton (Jim) is a movie writer during the time of the communist witch-hunt and he gets black-listed, loses his memory and winds-up in this town in which he looks like a guy that was lost in the war. He adopts this life because he doesn't know any better and he falls in love there. When he realizes who he is and is called to testify on his own behalf, he realizes that he needs to stand up against the committee because, "if a bully rises up, it's up to us all to beat them back down, no matter the cost."