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Have owned it for 4 days & watched it SEVEN times!!, 12 July 2006

Must see! Must see!! I can't believe this movie has been out for 24 years, and I just now viewed it! I am a big fan of John Hughes--and now Cameron Crowe is a close second. Great soundtrack, great nostalgia (even if you were in grade school when it came out!)--I forked over $35 for the paperback on eBay and even bought the soundtrack!

Some of the highlights include: first-time roles for many future stars, sexual instruction with a carrot in the cafeteria, and "cultivating the Pat Benetar look"!

If you love Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, Some Kind of Wonderful, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Little Darlings, Foxes...see this!

For Keeps? (1988)
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I have to watch Sixteen Candles another dozen times to cleanse my palette!, 15 March 2006

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I'm struggling with the keyboard to give this a rating of two. Among the only refreshing things this movie did for me was give me 80s nostalgia overload, see an unknown Pauly Shore in a bit part, and watch Molly Ringwald in a non-Hughes role. I couldn't take "Katherine" (Eddie's wife in National Lampoon's Vacations) as a French speaking, partially refined, concerned mother. Nor could I handle Ringwald screeching in the shower in reference to the "boaconstricter" on her boyfriend, claiming she'd not seen it previous to being knocked up. This disappointment was similar to seeing Some Kind of Wonderful, and finding one of the only redeeming qualities was the soundtrack and the last two minutes of the film. Very much unlike the usual teenage angst I expected. Brace yourself for contrived performances by the parental figures and very unattractive populars that attempt to thwart the romance at hand.