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Wrong (2012/I)
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I had to join IMDb just so I could try and justify my lost 90 minutes of life, 28 January 2013

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Wrong is one of those movies that I started watching and started thinking WTF? I did sit the whole way through thinking somehow that everything would tie in at the end. It didn't. Unless you are a big drug user or indeed a mental case, I doubt anyone could make sense of the movie. Yes there some humorous moments, but the movie as a whole does not Gel. Someone dies, comes back to life, a girl gets pregnant and is in labour a few days later and the kid is suddenly like 10 years old. All this takes place on the SAME time-line. Save yourself and take the dog for a walk instead or anything other than watching this crap. How the hell it got such a high rating on here is beyond me. I'm guessing the PR people for the film submitted them.