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Doesn't Come Through On Laughs, 14 February 2014

I think I have watched every episode of this first season and will try to watch it again if a second season comes out but so far this show is just OK at best. Everything about it seems like it should be right, they have a very funny sidekick type Kramer character in Harland Williams who I think is hilarious. Everything "looks" like it should be a good show. I'm not sure what the problem is but it just is not funny. I have chuckled a few times and mostly just at Harland Williams who is just naturally funny. Most of the time I'm just confused by the show and not getting why they are doing the jokes they are doing, surprising to me a lot of the time the show and characters don't even make sense. I hope season two turns it around but if not this show isn't terrible but could be easily replaced.

"ALF" (1986)
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Great Family Show, 7 September 2010

ALF was a great show for family entertainment value, it was clean and was very original at the time with a main character who was a wise cracking alien, the cast was all really good and it was actually pretty funny most of the time. My fave characters were the guy who played Willie and the Okmonaks next door (sorry if I spelled that wrong but you have to admit it's a tough name to spell).

I loved this show when I was a kid. I picked up the DVDs for season one the other week and have to admit it is not as good as I remember but hey it's been like twenty years or whatever, it was an awesome show and I bet kids would still love it. The guy who played ALF or at least played the voice of ALF was perfect with great timing and all the good jokes in the show were ALF's wisecracks.

Bottoms Up (2006) (V)
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Boo!, 17 February 2008

This movie is awful! I would rather stab myself in the face for ten years with the blunt end of a pencil than have to sit through this awful, awful, awful, awful movie again. I can't believe I made it all the way through once. This movie was worse than watching a plate of dog poo for an hour and a half. I will set my TV on fire if anyone ever tries to watch this movie on it again. Paris Hilton was obviously sent from a horrible, cold planet of untalented heiresses who have billions of dollars they didn't earn and don't deserve, in order to destroy our planet by getting us to watch horrible, boring garbage like this until we all kill ourselves out of horrified boredom. Then they will move in and make earth shitty like their planet and continue making awful movies.

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Please someone cancel this show, 26 August 2007

Why are there so many awful Canadian comedy shows? Aren't a ton of great comedians supposed to come from this country? Or maybe that is why they seem to move to the states to get famous, because the shows here are all terrible.

The show is about a womanizer and inventor named Jeff who is always scheming and they clearly think he and his plans are hilarious but they aren't. They're just poorly written and unfunny to the point of being painful. This show needs to go and everyone involved with it should consider getting out of the sitcom business forever. Maybe try writing tragedies since that's what this show is.

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One of the few watchable shows on The Comedy Network, 23 August 2007

Don McKellar is fantastic and in this show he is Jack, a guy who is always being given jobs that always end up driving him crazy or being completely screwed up by him. He has two friends, one more or less normal one and one who is a complete computer geek who hates leaving his house. He also has a huge crush on the job placement girl who is always giving him his new careers. This isn't a great show but it is also far from terrible. I give it a six out of ten. It is a shame that makes it one of the best shows on The Comedy Network but it is unfortunately true, they can't seem to make a decent show more than once every five or ten years. Hopefully Odd Job Jack is a step in the right direction. Puppets Who Kill was also a decent show but they took it off the air for some reason.

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Comedy Stink!, 19 August 2007

This comment is already more funny than anything that has ever been on Comedy Inc.

The writing is terrible.

The acting is terrible.

All of the skits are predictable and annoying.

Do these people actually think they are funny or are they just laughing their ways to the bank? I guess I have to write ten full lines. Uh. Okay.

This show sucks.

Comedy Stink makes me so depressed I want to commit suicide.

Is that enough? It should be. There is nothing more that needs to be said about this awful show.

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Unfunny and Unnecessary, 11 August 2007

The Jane Show is not funny at all.

It's a shame that so many Canadian comedies are horrible, and there are worse shows than The Jane Show, but unfortunately it is just another one of those awful shows that really should never have been made.

Most of it comes down to the show just not being funny. Not just no laughs, but not even a smile. We tried to watch it a few times but it is just disappointing in the laughs department.

Even just for the sake of the characters and story this show is just uninteresting, predictable and stupid. Even with some of the most ridiculous story lines the show fails to be any good.


"The Hour" (2004)
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wow cbc is so groovy!, 5 May 2007

i think it is so cool to have a hip forty year old guy sit cross legged on his chair and tell us in a fun way about the days news. wow he is so hip and cool it must hurt to be so hip and cool. cbc is so good at figuring out what us hip cool youths want to watch and then giving it to us. and the jokes he does on the show are so funny they make everyone laugh out loud. but lets get back to how cool and hip this show is especially the host. i am surprised how cool the cbc is. wow and the host is so young he is even younger than the air farce and almost as funny as them to. this is one cool show for cool people like me and the host. he is so cool. he reads the news with his fresh cool style so cool people like me can understand. i bet the hundred year olds at cbc are proud of how cool and fresh and hip the hour is. i wonder if they are working on ways to make it even cooler. like maybe they will change the theme song to something with rap music. and maybe they can have more people with leather jackets and they can ride motorcycles and smoke cigarettes with slick hair and say things like "groovy" and "here's todays news daddyo". what a cool show that is really all i can say. i only wish that i can be as cool as cbc's the hour someday. then man i would be a cool cat. maybe they can do an episode where george just plays video games and then walks right up to the camera and says "yo this game is wack!" and then point at us and tell us they have to take a commercial break then maybe talk about sushi and how cool sushi is and make fun of a politician who just isn't cool at all and everyone knows it. cbc is so cool. i hope they do another show with another forty year old guy who talks about the news because then they would have two shows that are so cool. the hour is so cool.

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Not the worst but pretty terrible., 25 April 2005

This movie was terrible. I don't understand how so many people are leaving such good messages on this unless it is because they are family of the cast and crew. It was obviously wrote in about ten minutes and thrown together with cheap camcorders and actors who couldn't do anything worth being paid. The story is predictable and stupid with characters that aren't even likable. I have seen many worst movies so I give this a 2 out of 10 because its still terrible. Not a good way to waste an afternoon you are better off watching something else even if this is on TV for free sometime. Defanitely not worth paying to see at the movies- trust me on that one! The weighted IMDb rating is right on for this film at between 2 to 4 out of ten.

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awesome!, 25 March 2005

you can blow stuff up and shoot stuff all the at the same-time,I killed like sixty guys per minute and you can set it so instead of real sound they got the cheap sound of the guy saying "bang bang bang bang bang" instead of the gun shooting. wick-id awes-om. I will buy the seq-el to this. I played for Lek 7 strait days and beat it but is was SO fun i am going do it again! the graphics were awesome. There were no gulches i saw that. The colours and sounds are wick-id. You can use lots of different weapon's and blow up everything even the school. I recommend this game for everybody who lies violets. There is even hover boats races! The vehicles are all so wick-id awesome! This game was only twenty buck. At the store! Not used, go cheap but good! It is top three in my all time favorite game all ready. The Vito Cong army guys all scream so loud and real and the grenades are plentiful. awesome awesome awesome awesome is the only Way to Describe this video game! marine heave gunner buy it today! wick-id. But the end boss is real tough.

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