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If it isn't broke, don't fix it., 27 October 2005

When I saw the original SWF, way back when, I was upset when it was over because I wanted more. This is it.

Single White Female 2: The Psycho cleverly apply's new twists on an old formula. It strays just enough from the original to make itself its own, while borrowing the proper elements from the first film to remind you of the first film.

I love these direct-to-DVD sequels, smaller budget, unknown actors and actresses, bottom line no ego. Everybody just trying to make the best flick they can.

I also really liked Wild Things 2 and 3.

And Ladies, These films are guilty pleasures made for men. It's like soft core with less core and more story. The sooner you understand that the sooner you can pass over them in the store, and stop whining about how misogynistic and degrading these films are. Or if your not a crazy SWF yourself you can pick it up at the video store and watch it with your man.

Bottomline, if you like the first one, see this.

Decent Sequel, only MAJOR flaw is that it doesn't focus on the title character enough, 29 January 2005

Just got back from Blade Trinity. I had heard terrible things about it, which is why I waited until a two dollar matinée to see it.

This is a decent sequel that relies on a young, charismatic supporting cast to overshadow the fact that Snipes doesn't put as much effort into it as the previous sequels. IMHO Snipes lackluster presence on the screen is only motivated by his multi-million dollar paycheck. Not to say that he doesn't have his moments, there are several moments where he reminds us of the old Blade, just not consistent.

Ryan Reynolds carries this movie. Jessica Biel isn't bad, and great to look at. HHH is an entertaining villain. Parker Posey is an wicked force of villianess charm. Natasha Lyonne is completely wasted as the blind scientist, but having her on screen is comforting, unfortunately because she is blind she always wears glasses, her eyes are her personality.

Finally, the beast version of Drake at the end, is really badass.

This film suffers from the fact that the vampires seem too weak in this film, you never see them kill anyone. A popcorn film can never be perfect. Overall this is a fun movie.

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Big Budget B Movie, only REALLY terrible thing is.... Tara Reid, 28 January 2005

I just came back from a matinée of this. I didn't pay too close attention to the plot because I was still high from the joint I smoked not too long before the show. However when watching a movie like this plot tends to get in the way. The only thing you need to know going into this is that creepy killer monsters and zombies are bad, and the characters must KILL THEM ALL WITH BIG GUNS! As a brainless sci-fi actioner, Alone in the Dark reminds me of a second rate Aliens. Black Creepy monsters, Swat Teams, and (in what I believe is a direct homage) Auto-Turrets.

Christian Slater and Stephen Dorrf are both in their elements. The only REALLY terrible thing is.... Tara Reid. While Miss Reid may be entertaining in teen comedies as the dumb, but hot, blonde chick. In AitD she is cast as an assistant curator of a museum, and yet she delivered her lines like a dumb, but hot, blonde chick. The fact that this film doesn't have a strong female lead hurts it greatly. Tia Carrere would have been perfect in this role as she proved her archaeological chops in her series 'Relic Hunter.' This films strengths are its action and effects shots, accompanied by the ever prevalent heavy metal music that is in nearly every action movie to come out in the past few years. I have read hundreds of reviews of these films written by old men who pine for the days of old, when movies were accompanied by great scores performed by orchestras. Metal is here to stay in the action genre and the sooner everyone accepts that, the sooner they can learn to appreciate it for the musical merits it holds.

Overall, this is a good film. Especially if you don't pay attention to little details and enjoy the carnage about to ensue.

Dopamine (2003)
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Not what it seems to be....., 18 January 2005

I thought this film was going to be a drama about a guy who makes a women in his computer and falls in love with her. It's not. However it's not a bad movie either.

Dopamine is actually about a guy who is developing a 3D interactive pet for computers. When the investors want to test 'koy koy' the pet out, it gets tested at a local daycare.

Sabrina Lloyd (of sliders fame) plays one of the daycare teachers, and the love interest for the emotionally over analysing Rand (John Livingston).

What follows is 79 mins of pretentiousness.

While I still enjoyed the movie, it definitely has a small audience. I imagine that women between the ages of 18 and 25 will love this movie.

As I always say you should never trust a reviewer because they only review based on taste and everyone has different tastes.

Good movie, solid performances, check it out for yourself.

Highwaymen (2004)
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Excellent acting, steady pace, Interesting scenarios, 18 January 2005

Jim Caviezel stars as Renny, a man out for revenge for the vehicular murder of his wife, in this highway thriller which holds its own with the likes of "Duel" and "Joy Ride".

Moody cinematography and editing, like a low-budget Fincher or Nolan. Not to say that this film looks low budget, it certainly holds its own with any thriller that gets a wide release. In fact, If given a proper release and promotion this film could have done quite nicely. I suppose it will pick up the slack in DVD sales.

Jim Caveizel, the guy who played Jesus in "The Passion", who is a great actor and I feel bad that he is now gonna be known as "the guy from the passion" as other reviewers of this film have stated, is excellent in this movie. Jim and quiet, brooding hero go nicely together. However, Colm Feore is the scene stealer as the deranged auto insurance salesmen/killer. Rhona Mitra is easy on the eyes and shows some chops as the damsel in distress. Frankie Faison is always good.

This films only flaw is it's length, the director or editor or budget impeded this film from being really great. A few scenes in particular would have been much creepier if they where a little more drawn out. I also think more attention should have been paid to the co-dependent relationship Renny and Fargo seem to have. At 80 mins this is a decent thriller. If it had been properly fleshed out to about 95 it would have been excellent.

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amazing extension of this building saga and mythos, 14 January 2005

The cube movies are the most inventive and satisfying creations in budget horror films today.

The first film is still in my top ten list and is a destined to be classic. I was a little disappointed by the second film which took a much more of a sci fi turn.

But this film returns to the grittiness of the first. Also being that we get to see the observers of the cube more, many connections (mostly to the first film) and secrets are revealed.

Many people say that they didn't like this because it jumps around out of the cube so you can't really get connected with the people in the cube. But honestly, that story has already been done, to perfection in the first cube film. This film is more about the button men who work at the cube.

This movie is awesome and is a perfect sequel to the original, and far more superior than the first sequel.

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Too short and a crappy ending., 10 January 2005

I have a high tolerance for bad movies. I was actually enjoying this movie about an hour into it, they had just established the vampire mythos for this particular film and were about to get to the fun part. Then I looked at the clock, 23 mins left. Crap, that means that the fun part sucks. I mean they spent an hour estabalishing the vampire goodies and then no follow through.

Coolio was the best part about this movie. He was amusing and funny as a human, but as a vampire he kicked ass. Tiny Lister was also pretty good, considering his lack of acting ability. And I waited for Eleniak to get naked and well she never did.

And the ended is the most messed up ending ever. It comes out of nowhere, either the film makers ran out of ideas or money or both.

I might watch it once more in the future just for the fun coolio scenes.