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Bestt Remake if 2007, 17 October 2007

OK, so going into this movie I thought it was going to suck. First off I don't like computer animated , i just cant get into them. But this on however was very well finished. The robots themselves were really well done and at times I forgot that they were computer animated and not like real robots. The acting was A+. there was on scenes though in which the computer animation was vary noticeable but other wise I Think this is defiantly one for the best movies off 2007. I love how they stuck to music without lyrics it made it so much easier to concentrate on the movie instead of going OK so who sings this song. But a few time they do use snips o music but it works in the movie during those items. I love how It suck to the basic concept of th original also but they did however change a few things ons pretty big one but ow well I think it was for the3 best that they did change it. I also love how they were able to add humor with drama and action. I guess I cant say enough about this movie!!!! And believe me I am very picky!!!!

Another Day (2001) (TV)
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Wrong, 3 September 2006

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OK some at least one of the summers on here is wrong. The person says the move keeps going to and from the past in between the story. No it never does that but twice. Let me also say that he was not her husband at the beginning her was her boyfriend her friend on the phone after the boyfriend dies tells someone on th phone when they call her boyfriend just died. There is a part where he may or may not be her husband after she goes back. But it is never clear as to rather or not they got married. Also the move is so not confusing if you watch its very simple. The actors are good. I felt like there could have been more to the story and there are some loop holes in th e plot. But for a made for t.v movie it was nice and charming.

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One the best Christian films today!, 31 July 2006

When I heard about the movie I was not expecting much ,however, the movie was really great. This film helps bring movies in the general area back to good ground. It is not based on music as many people would probably think. It is about how Christians no matter what race or color they are should stand together and to look at every situation from both sides not just yours. There is one part in which I cried my eyes out. I am proud to see MWS showing his acting ability's!! I hope every one gets something out of this movie. There's is moments for laughter, crying, cheering and thought!! There was one thing that made me sad about the movie and that was the ending. I got it now don't get me wrong but well ill just let you all figure it out!!!

Nola (2003)
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Wish I would HAve sen it when it came out!, 6 June 2005

I just saw this movie on lifetime tonight; before this week seeing all the commercial for it on lifetime I would have never of knew it was out there to be seen. May I say this is one of the few jewels Lifetime has shown in a long time. Not only was the story line interesting enough to keep you watching the acting was great. I though the male lead Ben was great and nice looking in that down to earth boy next door way and not the I'm a male super model worship t my feet way, which is very unique for male role now days that have to be the knight and shinning armer type. Nola she was so much different from many of the charters out there and I loved how her character development through out the story and how she actually learned something in the end.People creating movies think that if th guy is hot or the women is hot and a story is horrible the the movie will still do good and yes that is true but this one had all thing tied in it!

PLus the whole Ideal of a ***** ( not to let any spoilers out) being clean was real nice. I like the movie and the music to the movie it is amazing to see am movie where the actor actually sings their own songs and sounds good doing it. I would love to see this movie another time and I hope you also pick up a copy of it. If you like lifetime movies you will love this one so much better, it wasn't even made by lifetime.

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Alittle something to say., 26 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie is about a group of people who become a cast for a web came based reality show. The are suppose to live in a house for six months in the middle of no where. The prize is a million dollars but only if no one leaves. OK let me say this movie was not really really horrible but pretty much horrible. There was one big redeeming message in this movie and thats way i gave it a 3 and that i; to not get yourself into something with out completely checking it out. People now days will do anything to gain a buck that they don't really look at how they are doing it why or even if its legal or not.The scary thing about this movie is it really hits home that there could be someone out there doing something like this or someone who will see this movie and get the same ideal. There are five main charters and each had there place. You had the good looking party animal and etc. the pot head bad boy, the shy freakish guy ( whom I could not figure out if i was sorry for him or just plain freaked out0, the stuck up snob, and the hot guy! I think the acting was pretty much well to do, but thats about it. The dialog was well gross much of the time way to much cursing and etc when other words could have taken its place and made the movie just as effective. The sex scene in the movie was way to long and way to loud even with the volume turned down. ( by he way i had to keep turning the channel that scene was about 5-8 Min's long)! with the ca-mer and all I was OK with it looking as if it really was from a web cam, but i also felt at times like i was watching another Blair witch ( not so good). They did not really keep up with the action to well and what action they did keep up with was not worth watching, i felt at times they focused on the wrong people during certain scenes. I think they could have added more to the movie to explain certain situations, but still not give away the whole ending at once. Over all it was OK for something I did not buy or rent1

Ring of Darkness (2004) (TV)
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What in the World1, 25 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was not the worst movie I Have ever watched but pretty darn close to it! The plot which is about a group of zombie Boy Band members who after losing their head leader zombie singer need to find another . They hold auditions and choose a few guys to come back to their home place and continue the auditions. There are three guys and each are has their own reason for being there, one a reporter, the other is just wanting to join the pack, and other is because of his girl friend. While at this home on a remote beach the action starts taking place, (no more said you can say for your self rather or not its action). I ,however, believe that there was very little action. The movie took Sationnist worships and made them look funny rather than scary as they should look. Another writer said there was no violence in this movie "so why was it Rated R"? I guess being eaten, shoot in the heart with a bow, and dragging someone against their will some place is not enough violent for someone. I think the movie was trying to play on the fact that all boys bands are close by using sexuality to show they share everything. Which in turn just made them look how shell I say this nicely not completely straight! They also had some very cheesy dance moves, a horrible pop song, and clothing. Their was the cute one, the hot one, the guy next door, the etc one. I gave this movie a four because I was very bored when I turned it on; it was very easy to laugh. There was some good acting by the women who played the girlfriend of one and the boyfriend, the reporter, and the head witch. I found the scenery very nice to look at from time to time like when they showed the ocean water hitting the rocks, but that got over shadowed when they started showing the dark woods and the fogy house which look too man made and the hiding place of the guy zombies which also looked to man made. Their was ,how,ever, one perk to the whole movie good looking guys. Over all I say don't buy the movie first rent it if its even out on video or watch it on Showtime like I did. It was worth the laugh too keep me busy for a hour or so.

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Not What It Seems, 7 March 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie was one i had been waiting for since the first time I saw the preview on the Life Time Network, well I wish I had waited longer! The movie is told in voice overs from the daughters point of view and in flash back to the past to present as she tells the story . The plot is pretty much steady, but had some little lose ends they could have dealt with. May or may not be spoiler, but I did not like how the movie trys and play out like being a criminal and doing as the mother does in this movie is a way of loving her daughter. I also felt that they left allot of the move to the fact that mostly women would be watching this movie and that we would not care rather or not the guy was a good guy or not as long as the mother daughter relationship was saved! The leading man in this movie was played well but at times over acted to were you just wanted. The daughter played by and EX soap young star of Guiding Light done very well in role for what she had to work with . Over all I say watch it if you are a big LIfe Time person , but don't expect to see a award wining movie. It could have been much better seeing as there was so much hype about!!!!