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The Edge (2010)
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If you'd like to see flying steam engines, watch this film!, 29 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You have to give credit to the director and the team of stunt-men for incredible steam engine races but on the whole the plot is not believable. The most impossible thing of course is four- year survival of a German girl in the Siberian taiga. How she did it is a mystery which I can only explain by the director's plan to shoot a prequel next year.

The list goes on - the main hero's girlfriend lives in a barrack with dozens of other exiled women who all sleep in bunks in one large room but she, miraculously, has a tiny bedroom all for herself and her lover. How she pulled this one off in the Gulag, I do not know.

The main hero is such a hero, he makes steam engines fly over a pretty wide river, tender and all, when he realizes that a bridge he tried to repair is unsafe for crossing.

There is a fair dose of what directors - Russian or foreign ones - think should be in a film about Russia. The most glaring example in "The Edge" is a bear walking the streets of a settlement and doing mischief among the inhabitants. There is plenty of moonshine and Stalin's portraits. There is a Russian steam bath filled with naked women whose bodies look remarkably appetizing for the inhabitants of the Gulag. I was surprised that there was nobody playing the harmonica under the branches of a cranberry tree.

But like I said, if you are a fan of locomotives, go and watch this movie!