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Vendetta (1986)
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Pretty Satisfying (SPOILERS), 27 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I highly recommend this movie to all who get a guilty pleasure from seeing good looking chicks beating the living crap out of one another.

As has been said elsewhere, a stunt woman goes berserk when her sweet little sister (Bonnie) is unjustly imprisoned for doing nothing more terrible than defend herself against a would-be rapist, with fatal results for the nasty man! In order to avenge her late sister she hijacks and proceeds to trash in spectacular style, the valuable automobile belonging to the judge who had sentenced her sister. The same judge then sends her to the slammer for one year. By a happy coincidence it is the very same slammer in which Bonnie was killed.

It does not take our heroine long to work out what had happened to dear little Bonnie and once she has identified the killers, they begin to be taken out, one by one.

The fight scenes in which the evil ones are sent to eternity are truly excellent.

I have to concede that any tenuous connection between the events in this flick and the real world is purely coincidental.

The movie ends with the heroine, who has recently killed several women as well as gravely injuring a nasty male prison officer, being released to be driven away by her still loving boyfriend.

As an aficionado of rubbish exploitation movies, I can recommend this to all similarly inclined persons.

Great stuff!

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A fine black and white film of the 1950s, 30 July 2007

I found this a totally delightful film. I have seen it several times and still love it.

Apart from my peculiar preference for movies that do not subject the viewer to a plethora of repulsive obscenities and profanities, I found it interesting because of the array of a galaxy of British talent.

Bill Owen, Stanley Holloway, Donald Sinden, Edward Chapman, Hary Fowler, Thora Hird and Brenda DE Banzie.

With such a wealth of talent this could never fail! I note that only to me of a distant, never to be recalled, and infinitely finer England than the multi cultural hell we have to live in these days.

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Well worth the time spent watching it!, 23 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I watched this last night and enjoyed it immensely! But I must agree with the views expressed by others that the great H P Lovecraft would have raised an eyebrow at seeing his name in the credits! The absence of full frontal nudity is a disappointment, of course, and this is why I have only awarded 9 points out of ten.

Apart from the let-down when the briefs were not ripped off the quivering tasty bodies of the lovely young victims, I imagine that having to swallow the victims' panties might, possibly, have given the Creature indigestion. (One did see the Janitor drooling over a pair of briefs at one point. A flaw in the plot, perhaps, since they must have been eaten - along with the wearer thereof.) I also sat through that part of the DVD in which the various participants explained the making of this movie. It was clear that they all had a great time doing it! One final thought. If Borat can make it into the top 250, why not this?

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Lots and lots of chicks and loads of flesh., 20 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I would say that this otherwise acceptable bit of sword and sandals with a feminine twist ( and loads of wholesome female flesh) was spoilt by the rather weak and disappointing ending.

I loved the two fight scenes between the two rivals for the four year term of office as queen (!!) especially the second and nude fight which led to a tender reconciliation between them.

But it was marred for me by the way the men had to get their own way in the end. Shame!

I only recently obtained the DVD of this old movie after looking out for it for a while. It's a bit scrappy in parts, but worth watching. I suspect some scenes have been lost altogether.

It's a shame there isn't more of this escapist stuff out there full of voluptuous bimbos! As another reviewer has said, the fight scenes are very well done.

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Conspiracy theory stuff!, 26 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I searched high and low to find this on DVD! So don't get me wrong, please! It was superbly well done and it held my attention throughout.

BUT! The earnest Political Correctness of it all finally put me off.

I have seen so many flicks like this, where we are asked to believe that government is just an evil conspiracy against the rest of us. Rubbish! By all means sit back and enjoy this as a bit of sheer fantasy. But NEVER! I repeat NEVER! even begin to think about taking it seriously!

Robert Redford is a Right on Liberal, taken straight out of Hollywood Central Casting - and one of the very worst kind! And this ultimately robs him of all right to be taken even half way seriously as a pukka human being. Good actor, though! You can't take that away from him. Thank God for Charlton Heston, John Wayne and - above all - Ronald Reagan!

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Magnificent, 18 March 2006

One is compelled to give three very rousing cheers to any performance of this, my favourite Shakespeare play, that does not cut out words and phrases offensive to that curse of the modern age, political correctness.

As another reviewer has said, The Merchant was written in another age when sentiments that would now land one in trouble were commonplace.

Shylock is definitely not the hero of this play but it is impossible to think of him as an out and out villain either. Warren Mitchell brings out this ambiguity well.

The Olivier performance, although unmissable, omits too much to the Jew's discredit.

The recent Al Pacino production, which I bought the minute it became available, was also a great letdown with potentially racist/anti-Semitic words left out and with the text, what was left of it, horribly modernised. It was visually stunning, though.

It may have been wrong of Portia to say what she did of the Prince of Morocco when he bade her a sad farewell, but those were the words that the Bard put in her mouth and they should be left there.

The whole 37 plays, that the BBC produced in the 1970s/1980s, are now available on DVD. An excellent investment!

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A Sad Scene, 19 February 2006

If anyone wonders why cinema became so neglected during the 1960s, this is part of the answer.

To anyone who came to this gritty, bleak story out of a wish to indulge in escapism - hard luck! The nastiness of life in the industrial North of England is shoved into your face with such unremitting enthusiasm that only a dedicated sado masochist would actually enjoy this ghastly misery-fest.

It received numerous plaudits at the time. I am old enough to remember the hoo-ha! But, if anyone wants to examine the reason for the decline of British cinema, look no further. People want to be entertained when they give up their hard earned pennies (cents). All that this film does is make one miserable - and for no good reason.

Life should be better than this. And if it isn,t - why do we go on living?

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A Really Moving Experience, 29 October 2005

This had been a favourite of mine ever since I first saw it about ten years ago.

Apart from a (mercifully) brief interlude out two heroines are semi naked throughout the film.

They display great fortitude and resource in battling the forces of evil and one is rooting for them throughout.They are also very beautiful, as is a third young lady.

I regretted slightly that we were not shown more of the horrors inflicted on them in their original place of imprisonment, but we can't have everything.

I liked the villain as well. A truly memorable performance.

Whneevr I feel down and out of sorts, I cheer myself up by re watching this.

A mention should also be made of the two robots.

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Marred by the Ending, 20 October 2005

Without saying how it ended, it is sufficient to say that the whole thing degenerates from about five minutes before the end. If the standard had been maintained throughout, the movie would be worth a seven.

One wonders in a way why a woman was added to the cast. (Well - not really!) The premise is a good one The situation the victims find themselves in is pretty terrifying and it's rather well done, but you get the impression the makers of the film lost interest towards the end, or as a previous contributor said, they changed writers and handed over to someone else.

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Excellent Shower Scene, 18 October 2005

This film is well worth watching for the shower scene - always a high point for aficionados of such movies as this! In this variation on a well worn theme, one of our innocent young things is attacked - with the encouragement of a Wink and a Nod from a Bent Screw - by three other naked ladies, one of whom is her cell mate.

She puts up a spirited resistance before being clubbed to the floor and (presumably) ravished by the three girls.

Back in the cell and alone with one of the three, our heroine beats her up. So quite a good Fight Scene! There is another fight scene earlier on.

Near the end our two wronged heroines once more display their pugilistic skills.

Highly recommended, but only if you like WiP films - which most don't!

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