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All the horror films, a horror fan should see.
(Must score a 7 or higher , "from my rating")
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2013 Films I have seen
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All the Animated films a Cartoon fan should see.
Must Score a 7/10 or higer,(from my rating).
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Just a list of films im looking foward to watching.
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Rules: Have to be a sequel,Have to have heavily armed people who have to fight monster, killers,etc.
These are films that I have seen or am going to see but im sure that I am missing some.
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Films I have seen from the year 2012.
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I will rate the films based on how hard I laughed
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Disregarding my previous ratings, these are films that give 111% and really become art. I find these films to be flawless and masterpieces.
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I wouldn't bother with these flicks
(more will be added)
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The Best Family Films I have seen
(No Cartoons will be included.)
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The Best Superhero films I have seen
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Not a Big Gammer but here is a list of the games I have played.
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I am not the biggest action fan,but these are the best ones I have seen.