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A lot cooler than it has been., 19 October 2004

I'm loving neighbors right now, and have been since the beginning of the year. The story lines are so much better and a lot of the..erm..annoying trash actors are gone. But I'm not sure what turn the show will take once all these big story lines (izzys baby, carl and susans separation etc) have run their path, the writers will have to think up some good stuff to top it. But yeah this year has probably been the most jam packed series in a long while, I cant wait til the finale coming up soon to see how it all unfolds. Oh and I prefer neighbors over any of that American soapie stuff, they're just so over the top and unreliable, whereas neighbors is wholesome and down to earth. Peace

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Not bad a show., 29 September 2004

I like The Panel, its an entertaining way to catch up on whats happening around and about, its one of my fave Australian TV shows along with roy and hg. Also I read they don't just accept any guests on the show, they want guests that are interesting to them so they can keep the ball rolling with the talking so it doesn't feel like just another boring TV interview. And that theory seems to work because the interviews with the guests/celebrities come across as casual as if they're just chatting around a coffee table. My only negative view on the show is the musical acts how they get shoved away back behind the desk, you can hardly see them! But all in all its a cool show.