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Silent shorts (one & two reefers) that I have in my collection (DVD's & DVD'-R"s).
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Films produced and/or shot in the United Kingdom, Austarlia or Canada that I have in my DVD collection; DVD-r, Dvd-Video(copies), DVDs and blu ray. --Gary ("fluff")
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(This is a list of all the films that I have recorded on DVD-R's; some are copied directly from DVD-Video, most are not)
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Movies with a "cult" following; Underground films, exploitation, sci-fi, drug culture, counter-culture, low-budget, independent, hard-to-find/used-to-be-hard-to-find, strange, experimental, before their time, forgotten gems, sexually explicit, gore, odd humor, banned/used-to-be banned/should-be-banned, slasher films, "art" films, foreign, adult-animation, rock concerts, rock musicals, sleazy, homo-or-bi-sexual before they were hip, etc.................................................................
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This is a list the foreign films that I have on DVD/DVD-R
I have added some information on some films that explains which print or version I have.
I will be adding more info as time goes by.
Please recommend any foreign films/directors that you think I may like. ----Gary (Fluffhead34)
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I love all types of animation; from drawn & colored to claymation and stop-motion and even puppet's make the cut! This list runs the gamut from childrens classics, adult rock films, award winning international shorts to avante-garde!
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These are some of my all-time favorite concert/music related films/documentary's. I plan on adding more as they come to me and also a brief comment on each film as to what I like about each.
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These are documentary's from my collection that involve film making in some way. Some are about a single actor, director, etc.. others focus on a certain creative period, or a specific experience or event involving someone from the film community. There are many more doc's in this genre that I have yet to see but am well aware of. I will continue to add them as they become available to me.
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This is a list of my favorite film noir's, at least those that I have seen so far. It seems that many people have different opinions as to what constitutes an "authentic" noir film. As for myself, there are certain elements that must be present to define a true film noir, while other qualities are not always definitive one way or the other. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ON A MOVIE IN MY LIST. ALSO, I WELCOME ANY RECOMMENDATIONS YOU MAY HAVE! ----Thank-You
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All films made in Italy that I have in my collection, either on DVD, DVD-R or Blu-ray.
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These are the silent movies that I have on DVD-R and DVD-Video. Amost all are the most recent restorations. I am including some early shorts but not all.
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(These films are all commercially made DVD's and Blu-ray's; many with bonus features and/or 2 disc sets)
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