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Ill Fated (2004)
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I gave this film a 9 and I'll explain why..., 28 September 2004

I gave this film a 9... and I've also given a 9 to The Godfather, Dr. Strangelove, Pulp Fiction etc. Ill Fated is not as good as the aforementioned films... however, after seeing the film I felt just as satisfied as after watching the others. I was just so delighted to see a Canadian film so bloody entertaining and simultaneously so very profound. I've never been witness to an audience so moved by a Canadian film in all my life (and I've seen many - too many - Canadian films). This film won't make 100 million at the box office, but like Donnie Darko or Reservoir Dogs, Clerks etc. will inevitably find a huge audience (slowly but surely). I expect big things from the talent behind this one.