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13 Seconds (2003 Video)
B-rate Acting, good script, A++ Directing
27 September 2004
My title sais it all. The acting was appropriate from a B-film. I've seen professionals do much worse, and the acting didn't push me "out" of the film.

Liked the script. Loved to nods to other movies yet didn't feel clich├ęd. Ending caught me off guard, which is VERY strange, and VERY good.

Directing - wow. Amazing. What an eye. DOn't mean to be mean, Mr Thomas, but you're got the directing skills of Hitchcock and M Night - do what they do and play bit roles, but please please keep on directing. I can think of many horror movies off the top of my head ("A-list") that made mucho $ in the theaters and can learn a thing or two from this movie. Keep it up.
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