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A Gem of a Reality Show, 24 June 2012

This show is great and filled with interesting (but not unrealistic) stories about 7 of Ballet West's dancers. Its also putting ballet back in the mainstream eye (though its ratings are low) and is offering us a real look at how hard the industry is to succeed in. I have been glued to this show since the first episode, but I must say that episodes 3 and 4 are better than episodes 1 and 2 cause 3 and 4 contain more dance with the same consistent amount of reality TV drama. Every person on this show is talented and deserving; and I really hope the show gets a second season cause it would be a shame to see one of the highest quality reality shows slip through the cracks. If you haven't checked it out definitely look it up (you can watch all the already aired episodes legally on the internet) and give it a chance, especially if you have a love for dance like me.

Some notes on the 7 dancers (no episode spoilers, just brief bios/intros and personal opinions). Beckanne Sisk is a very young (19) up and coming dancer who blows everyone away with her ridiculous talent. Shes really good friends (and roommates) with Katie Martin. Katie is in a relationship with fellow ballet west cutie Ronald Tilton. I love Katie, she's really sweet and funny. Ronald, Katie's boyfriend, is super lucky in that he also gets to work alongside his brother Rex Tilton at Ballet West. Rex is sortof dating Allison Debona. Allison is SUPER career focused and I really sympathize with her on the show, but some people find her irritating...personal preference (and only bad edit?) I suppose. Christiana Bennett is one of the principal dancers at ballet west. Christiana seems like a great person and she dances sooo effortlessly (though we know shes gotta be in pain and struggling). And lastly there is Ronnie Underwood. Ronnie is a MAN...No really that is how they sell him on the dude. He's pretty hilarious to watch as he struts his stuff like a hot peacock.

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Loved it!, 27 December 2011

I watched this shows first 6 episodes as they were released and every episode was great! The special effects were awesome and the way the plot kind of jumped around a bit was really cool cause it left you with a lot of questions and suspense which is always good in horror. Since the people making this were using all of their own funding they had to gather up a bunch of people who were willing to participate in the project without getting awesome is that that they were able to acquire such a huge well rounded team of people willing to work for nothing? I'm envious of their awesomeness! and in terms of acting: Some of the actors were particular Dan Payne and Ben Hollingsworth! They both did amazingly and had me craving more of their story lines. If you haven't watched this yet and you like horror and/or fantasy stuff and you won't be offended by heavy religious imagery then you should definitely watch this show! Its available to watch for free on their website! what's better than free? nothing!

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great!, 20 June 2006

I loved this movie. I have to admit that I haven't read much Lovecraft and that I've never seen a whole silent film before, but now I must say that I feel like a fan. This movie was really well filmed, acted, and the storyline couldn't be more interesting. I was very happy to spend the short 3/4ths of an hour of my time watching this movie! I highly recommend this movie to fans of Lovecraft and to people like me, who really haven't clue about Lovecraft. You will love it either way, I swear!

The scenes in the ocean and on the island were done really well and I had a strong desire to discover the ending and find out what would happen. This movie worked for me and I hope it works for you! :)

Elephant (2003)
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This movie was fabulous!, 9 October 2004

I loved this film and I think it's sad that so many people missed the point. I am a high school student and the first thing in this movie that blew me away was the realism. I felt that i was walking down the halls of my school. The actions of the teens were ones that i see on a daily basis and usually in films the director, being an adult, doesn't accurately portray student life. Gus Van Sant did an amazing job with just the set up alone. He went even further by adding emotional music and points in the film where there was no sound at all because lets face it if this was to portray real life would you be walking down the hall to some rap or rock The simplicity in the set design helped highlight scenes and make simple statements much more then a flippant comment about going to a party.

The one most over used negative comment about this movie is that the characters have no background and you find no personal attachment to them in their different situations, but this is the statement of a person who paid no attention. It is not necessary to have background information because part of the movie's goal is to draw you in and make you another face in the crowd. If you were attending a high school would you know the stuff that goes on at home for all the hundreds of students you pass in the you wouldn't. This is another way that Gus Van Sant made the film horribly realistic. And in answer to feeling no personal attachment, i say how could you not feel anything. Something tragic occurred in their life on a day like every other one, each individual student went through the day without a thought that maybe tomorrow wont exist. Their simple gestures and random chatter said more about their personality and their life as a whole then any single event ever could.

This movie was not meant to explain anything because in truth how could you explain such a tragic event. It was simply a story that reflects not only the teenage nature, but human nature as a whole. I could go on about how each scene in the movie made another statement about human nature, but I'd be sitting here forever finishing an encyclopedia and wasting my time. The time would be wasted because it is far better to discuss such a moving film, rather then do it an injustice by stating opinions as if they were fact.