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Not what you would expect from the Director of the Grudge, 8 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When you see a movie directed by The Grudge, you would expect something of similar standards. The concept of the movie is very interesting, and the characters are quite well-developed, given that the whole of this movie takes place on a plane. I was interested in this movie because i was interested in how a horror movie would happen on a plane.

Once the plane starts flying and the main plot point happens, you would understand the main reasons of the story. The director has his fun teasing and misleading you, and the constant jump scares, as you would expect from a horror movie. Many things happen throughout, most of which are weird and unexplained, leaving you anticipated to watch till the end and figure out what is actually going on. However, that is exactly why this movie is disappointing. When you watch till the end, you will realize that most of the stuff that happened wasn't logically part of the plot, but were only there to give you a little scare here and there. There is also a short cameo from a popular youtuber.

Overall, this is a fun and thrilling mystery movie that you can enjoy on its own, but watching till the end is rather disappointing. The thing is, the ending wasn't weak. It was strong, and made sense. But because of the director focusing on the horror part of the movie, the mystery became sort of illogical and unnecessary. The execution of the ending came out of nowhere and was not impactful enough. It was as if the director wrote the script for just the beginning and end, and he just came up with stuff to throw at you until he was done, he just shoehorned the ending right there.

In conclusion, I would say that this wasn't so much of a horror movie than a tragedy movie. It felt a tad too short, left most of your questions unanswered, and wasn't really worth the full ticket price IMO.

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Best Movie of Marvel's Phase 2... (So Far), 30 March 2014

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Compared to Iron Man 3, which felt like comedy, and Thor 2, which was nothing really special, Captain America The Winter Soldier is the best. It is also considerably better than its predecessor. Nick Fury brings along his usual badassery, but plays a pretty large role this time,as well as showing his vulnerable side, since he is just a human, like Coulson and the other agents of SHIELD. His actions also lead up to what seems like would be a big change in the MCU, opposed to what we would be expecting. This time, more people die in a Marvel movie, some of which were pretty unexpected. Plenty of great action scenes, but were not too overwhelming. Every appearance of Winter Soldier was pretty badass. The movie manages to wrap up well, since it is over 2 hours long, and also leaves enough story to lead up to Captain America 3. Best end credits scenes out of all MCU movies. *Related to Avengers 2.

RoboCop (2014)
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Robocop!, 3 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Robocop might not live up to your expectations, but that doesn't make it a bad movie. The storyline was good, but there was not as many badass scenes as you would expect, from watching the trailer. *SPOILER* One of the most badass scenes was when Robocop shot his arm off. *SPOILER* Samuel L Jackson was good. Even though his role could be played by anyone else, but because it was Samuel Motherf*king Jackson, the scenes with him were more interesting and fun to watch. The actor playing Robocop was pretty convincing, with his near-expressionless face. I like how both the silver and black suits were used, but it would be cool to see him switch around the combat and tactical suits instead of him using the black suit through. There were also a few homages from the original Robocop, like "Dead or Alive, You're coming with me", which made things cooler. Robocop isn't exactly childish, despite a PG13 rating, but of course, it is nothing as violent as compared to the original Robocop. Robocop not only fights against his will, but there are also conflicts with his family. Its pretty much Robocop owning a bunch of crooks, avenging his "death" with him constantly shooting perfectly. It would be cool to see some close combat scenes with his fists or melee weapons though, instead of just Robocop + a bunch of guns. Not sure if such a thing is possible from the original Robocop, but this is a reboot after all, so it would be cool to see a little variety. In Conclusion, if you are looking for a movie with plenty of shooting, a solid story with no plot twists, a story about robots and humanity, or you just want to see a new Robocop movie (without comparing to the original one), this is the movie you can go for.

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Political Thriller, 3 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

From the trailer, and without knowledge of previous Jack Ryan films, Jack Ryan seems like an average spy action movie like The Bourne Trilogy or James Bond movies. However, its not. This movie gives us the origins of Jack Ryan. I came into the movie expecting an average spy action/thriller and it managed to surpass my expectations. Jack Ryan does not have many action scenes, as he uses more of his intellect than his fists. The exposition parts of the story are at times boring, but when Jack Ryan is doing his mission, it doesn't feel rushed, and it manages to constantly keep you in suspense. Even with not much action scenes, there were quite a few action scenes that come as a surprise. The director of the movie, who was also the villain, was pretty menacing with his Russian accent. Chris Pine was good, too. If you like spy movies, go into this movie not expecting much and this film will probably be better than expected, and it will constantly keep you off the edge of your seat.

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Samurais, Ninjas, and The WOLVERINE!, 17 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An excellent movie that focuses on plot and character development. This movie is not for kids.

The cast of the movie are pretty good. Apart from Hugh Jackman, there is also Tao Okamoto who is not just incredibly pretty, but can also act very well (despite this being her first film).

This movie does a great job of foreshadowing and subtext. Like the scene where Wolverine ends a bear's life to save it from agony, and him confronting hunters who use poisonous arrows.

The movie deals wonderfully with multiple villains, and at the same time, not messing up the movie with too many unnecessary scenes. There are parts that might you chuckle, but there are also parts that make you cringe. This Wolverine movie is a darker tone, compared to Wolverine Origins, and focuses more on Wolverine as the hero than him teaming up with a bunch of other mutants. Not that there is anything wrong with more mutants, but it makes the film more focused.

The plot twist at the end was also dealt well. Just as you were starting to think that Silver Samurai was actually a machine, the big revelation was shown. This movie would have been incredible even if it wasn't a Wolverine movie, but a movie about Samurais and Ninjas. But because of Hugh Jackman, this movie is really awesome. It may not have the destruction capability of Superman or the advanced tech of Iron Man, but it is a really incredible story that focuses on Wolverine with plenty of character development.

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Kaijus Vs Jaegers, 20 July 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The plot of this movie is not as simple as just Godzilla vs Transformers/Power Rangers, however, it is also not as complex as Oblivion. Ron Perlman and Idris Elba were the ones who stole the show. Ron Perlman, despite appearing only after half the movie, was still able to do a good job. Idris Elba had the best development I should say.

This story focuses more on plot development than character development, with the least character development given to its main character. The Kaijus have unique looks. None of them will remind you of Godzilla, however, there are some that will remind you of animals e.g. Shark, Frog, Bat Kaijus. The Jaegers, despite only a few being shown, were also cool. The CGI is pretty realistic and doesn't look like a Saturday Morning Cartoon at all.

There are a few memorable quotes, those that we have already seen in the trailer. The plot is rather understandable and the action scenes are slow and steady, allowing you to see what is happening throughout, except for a few parts where they zoom in too much.

If you are looking for a movie where you won't be emotionally-affected, and want to look for an action-packed movie with spectacular special effects and an interesting plot, look no further. This is it.

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Titans Go!, 27 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Teen Titans Go brings back the original Teen Titan cast that we all love. Many of us love Teen Titans and would really want to see a new season. When Teen Titans Go was released, many fans dislike it because it was different from the one that we are familiar with. I'm not sure why they decided to do this instead of renewing the original Teen Titans, but after giving it a go, it isn't as bad as we expected.

Teen Titans Go has many references to the DC Universe, ranging from pictures of Bane, Joker and other characters to cameos of Batman and Commissioner Gordon laughing in a car. These antics are really fun to catch, especially for fans of the DC Universe.

Teen Titans Go is a comedic take on what the Titans do when they aren't crime fighting. The original Teen Titans series was part of my childhood and I love it. As much fun as Teen Titans Go is, it will never reach the standard of the original series, but we can all give it a go and support the show. Treat it as an homage to the original series, rather than a follow-up. That series ended well and probably will not return. However, if Teen Titans get popular enough, we might get a live-action Teen Titans movie someday, with the success of the DC Cinematic Universe.

Monsters University Oozma Kappa, 26 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Monsters University brings a sense of nostalgia and fun. It has its great share of funny moments in the beginning and uses very unexpected twists here and there. Especially the ending scene, which is something that nobody would see coming, but everyone will love it.

I went into the theaters with the mindset that this would be a kids movie. However, it turned out that there is nothing childish about this film. It can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. This movie brings about a lot of surprises, and tells a wonderful origin story of Monsters Inc.

Not only does it tell a great story, it also teaches us morals throughout. For example, just because you are very good in something doesn't mean you do not need to work hard. You may not be very good at something, but perseverance will give you success. Having textbook knowledge is not enough, you need real life experience. Sometimes, you can achieve success even though you start at the bottom. These morals will be useful for kids to learn.

Monsters University also has some reality as they show the different kinds of people you will see in a university, which is fun.The movie does well not just because of its comedy,or its use of familiarity, but because of its smart and well-written plot. Monsters University doesn't ride on the coattails of Monsters Inc, but uses Monsters Inc to propel the success of Monsters University. This is a fun and exciting film for people of all ages, and will leave you wanting for more.

"Arrow" (2012)
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Green Arrow, 23 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a comic book fan, I was actually looking forward to this after finishing up Smallville. I thought it was a spin-off of Smallville. When I found out that the lead wasn't Justin Hartley, I was doubtful of how this show would be. It was then when I watched it that I realized. Turned out, it has a very dark and gritty tone unlike Smallville. Initially, I didn't know much about Green Arrow and didn't have high expectations for this show. I watched it with the expectations of knowing the origins of Green Arrow and stuff from the comics.

However, it turned out very differently. From the 3rd episode onwards, the more I watched it, the more interested I got. And this TV series takes the risk of changing many stuff from the comics. And it turned out great. Superman and Batman are my favorite superheroes. This has the dark and gritty tone of Batman but is a totally different story. Its not about a man whose parents died and he turns into a man of vengeance, but its about a man whose father sacrificed himself hoping that his son would help him make things right.

The best parts of the TV show throughout was the flashbacks. As the story progresses, flashbacks appear, and gradually reveal more about what happened to Oliver on the island. Slade and Yao Fei are really bad- ass characters, and I always hope for more flashbacks.

There are consistent nods to the comics, for the comic book fans. However, this show is also suited for non-comic book fans, as you don't really need to know much about Green Arrow from the comics. The introduction of Deadshot and Huntress were really cool parts of the story, and they also serve to add on more comic-book goodness.

Slade Wilson was really well-portrayed in the series. I liked how he was actually not the villain of the story, as I thought he would be after seeing his iconic mask. All the main casts in the story were rather good.

I am really looking forward to Season 2. I would really love it if they bring in more characters from the comics. I know that the story focuses on non-super powered heroes. Green Arrow had a friendship with Hal Jordan since young. They could bring in Hal Jordan as a pilot, and not as Green Lantern as there is definitely no chance of that, but it would really be cool to see him appear somehow or another. Stephen Amell is really great as he can act convincingly well. You can see the difference of mannerism between the past Oliver(flashback), the current Oliver, and as Green Arrow (or the Hood/the Vigilante) as he is known as by others.

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Best Superman film ever!, 19 June 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The cast of the film is wonderful! Every single one of the actors were great in their respective roles. Hans Zimmer's score, though not as iconic as John William's, but was still great in providing a level of epicness to the film, especially the action scenes.

In the beginning, they show a spectacular view of Krypton, with dragons flying around. Instead of just showing a place full of ice and crystals, they really depicted the scene well, like Avatar. Jor-El, as a scientist, is able to beat General Zod in a fist-to-fist fight shows how determined he is to save his son. Both of them want to save Krypton, but they have different views on doing it.

When the spaceship carrying Kal-El falls to Smallville, I expected what was supposed to happen. Johnathan and Martha Kent driving in a truck, the spaceship crashes and you see a naked kid. But instead of that standard scene that you see in Superman I and Smallville, they skip it to the grown-up Man of Steel. I really liked how they actually changed these parts, and show a really different Superman movie. You don't get scenes like a young Kal-El lifting a truck but you get young Kal-El having problems in school.

One of the more emotional moments is when Johnathan Kent dies. In the standard storyline, Johnathan dies from a heart-attack. This time, he dies trying to protect Clark's secret. It was really a tear-jerking scene. It provides a great deal of character development for Superman as he knew that he could have saved Johnathan but he did not.

There were moments where even though they changed quite a lot of Superman's origins, it was still done really well. The Fortress of Solitude with Jor-El is no longer limited to an area in the north pole, but its data is contained within a key that you can insert into a Kryptonian spaceship. You don't get just Jor-El's head, but his whole body. This shows the great 1000 years of advanced technology of Krypton over Earth.

The part with a major controversy was when Superman snapped Zod's neck. Personally, I felt that it was necessary, especially what happens after. Superman cries in remorse over what he had done. This shows that Superman really didn't want to kill Zod. After all, what could he have done? Cover Zod's eyes with his hands? No.. just no! Superman may be invincible but he can be hurt by powers equal to or greater than his. If he was invincible, he wouldn't need to be flown through buildings and buildings.

The most disappointing part of the film was actually with Zod. Michael Shannon did a great job. He had the motivation to do what he did, instead of just pure revenge. However, the lack of "Kneel Before Zod" was utterly disappointing. Zod should have given Supes a chance before being intent on killing him. After all, Zod is all about making sure the Kryptonians survive. Why would he want to be bent on killing one of his own without giving him a chance? Of course, I'm not saying that we let the scene where Supes kneels before Zod only to trick him, but at least we could see Zod say "Pledge your allegiance to me, and Kneel Before Zod!". I know we've seen that many times already but come one, stuff like this never get old!

Because of the awesome action scenes, (personally I didn't think there were "too much" action scenes, but they were definitely overwhelming) they didn't get to cover much but they still managed to touch on important parts like Clark Kent working at the Daily Planet. Henry Cavill was surprisingly really good as Superman from his look to his voice but what bothered me was that he really only wore glasses at the end, and not slick his hair back or anything. I like how there wasn't a standard romance between Clark and Lois yet, as their development takes time.

The Arrow-styled flashbacks were really great. Initially, Henry Cavill doesn't look like Superman but throughout the movie's progression, he looks more and more like Superman. Overall, this film is one that is very different from its predecessors, a very unexpected one. Be prepared to accept change, but making Superman modernized is really a great job.

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