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The Stand is one of Stephen King's most purely terrifying works to date. The novel is so long that I don't think a feature film or 4-part miniseries do justice to the story's complexity and vivid detail. I think 'The Stand' should be adapted into a one off 10-part miniseries. This is the cast I'd prefer to participate. Enjoy! Thanks for reading.
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With the success of fantasy epics like Lord of the Rings (the Hobbit got 3, 3-hour movies, after all) and A Game of Thrones, Stephen King's seven-book Dark Tower series is ripe for adaptation. With rumors of a hybrid franchise, comprising movies and a premium-cable series, I decided to come up with a list of who I want to see take part in the adaptation. Most of these names are "too famous" to all participate in their designated roles, but enjoy nonetheless.

Update: I've tweaked some of the casting decisions--Jennifer Lawrence is the best actress going not named Meryl Streep, but I think she looks too much like a woman to play a 16-year-old Susan. Also, I switched John Goodman as Calvin Tower for Stephen Root--a fantastic actor who I considered for several different roles, including Randall Flagg and Richard P. Sayre.
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In no particular order--my preferences always change
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A List of my 25 favorite actors and actresses of all-time. This list contains both TV and Movie actors. This list in semi-order.