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Narrative feature & television films first. Then non narrative films, documentaries, music & TV series at the end. I wasn't able to find 3 DVD's in the music section on IMDB. Bob Seger's Face the Promise, Emmylou Harris' Songbird & Stevie Nicks' Crystal Visions. Also could not find on IMDB: Looney Tunes Spotlight Collection #'s 1, 2, 4 & 7.
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No oscar nominees - that's a separate list for oscar, tony & emmy nominated performers. Performance categories only here. No writing or directing or anything but performance including on air talent. Totals include daytime, international & news and documentary emmys as well as the theatrical event Tony category.
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Listing is of 144 performers who have received at least one nomination for performance from each of the following awards: Oscar, Tony or Emmy. Performance categories only - no writing, producing, directing, etc. Daytime & International Emmy award included. Also including the special theatrical event Tony category. There are 3 others lists like this: 1 for oscar & tony nominees, 1 for oscar & emmy nominees and 1 for tony & emmy nominees.
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No Tony nominees, there is a separate list of those performers nominated for an oscar, tony & emmy. Performance categories only here - no writing, producing, directing, etc. Daytime & International Emmy awards included.
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No emmy nominees - there is a separate list for those performers nominated for an oscar, tony & emmy.

Performance awards only here!!! No writing, directing, producing or anything not performance related. At least one competitive category nomination for oscars & tonys.
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Personal choices and rankings from the oscar nominated films for best picture & best director in one ranking list (those films nominated in only one of the 2 categories are notated.) If a film did get a directing nomination, the director's name will be included. The first year included two production and two directing categories, combined into one category each by the 2nd year. Charlie Chaplin was originally nominated for 2 awards for THE CIRCUS, nominations later taken back and he was given a special achievement award for the film.

I have seen all nominated best pictures except for a few in the early years...they are noted in rankings.
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Choices and rankings of nominees. I did include the unofficial nomination of Bette Davis in 1934 (she placed 3rd in the final vote...they disclosed that info back in the day, her not being nominated that year resulted in write in votes in 1934 and 1935.) I included one tie to match the Oscar's one tie in this category. 1950 was my tie year, came close to tying 1941 or 1967 instead.
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I included Charlie Chaplin the first year despite the academy's taking him out of competition after his nominations had been given, and giving him a special award. I also included a tie of my own to match the 1931-32 Oscar tie (see 1980) and included the unofficial 1935 nomination of Paul Muni. 1935 write in votes were allowed for the final voting and 1st through 3rd place vote getters were publicly disclosed. Muni ranked 2nd in the final vote. There are only 4 performances nominated in this category in which I haven't seen. They are noted.
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choices/rankings best supporting actor oscar races,,,
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A mix of sentimental favorites, great entertainment and works of art.