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Here's a massive list of movies I've seen, added as I stumble upon them here on IMDB. Some will be good, some bad.
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Collection of television shows I've watched to completion.
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Here are my personal favorite new millennium horror favorites, including some great horror comedies and remakes of oldies. If you got anything to add, lemme know.
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A compilation of some of the best crime movies I've seen, and some of the best neo-noir film I've come across.
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I've got another list for horror of the new millennium, but here's a compilation of my favorite horror movies pre-Y2K. Enjoy.
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Some of the best animation I could compile that isn't targeted for the kiddies. No Mickey Mouse on this list, and minimal Japanese anime. As usual, no particular order. Enjoy.
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Awesome films with unrecognizable casts Movies with unrecognizable casts
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Here's my list of favorite time bending tales.
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These are the men that you just see in everything, never knew their name, but their faces are burned into our memories forever.

Some have moved on to stardom, some died trying, and some will forever remain... CHARACTER ACTORS!

(Sorry - men only list, no room for the women. Not even Zelda Rubinstein or Linda Hunt.)
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Working on a screenplay. These are movies that are inspiring the plot.
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Here's the lady list. Character actresses... the one's you've seen all over the place and never fully recognized. (Couldn't fit any men on this list. Not even Peter Dinklage.)