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Will Schaub should sue for lack of support, 11 November 2004

Amid otherwise mediocre performances, Schaub was a bright spot. Dave Oliver was also strong. Too bad we didn't see more of him in this film, but I would check anything else either of these two actors appeared in.

The story had some promise, and while it wasn't terrible, to me it came across flat. Cal (Will Schaub), after just winning a place on the U.S. Olympic sailing team, finds out that his brother's battle with leukemia has taken a turn for the worse. Promising he will return in time, Cal leaves for home where he has to be tested to see if he is a potential bone marrow donor.

The film gets a little sappy from here on and it's only a solid performance by Schaub, along with a well shot backdrop provided by sailing sequences that keeps this interesting. Brion James has a good cameo role, adding his usual spark, but I hope everyone else invested their earnings in acting lessons... especially Cal's mom.

If it's a rainy Saturday afternoon and your dentist just called to cancel your appointment, you might use the time to check this out. Just accept it as an OK film, with no bigger expectations than that.

Barn Red (2004)
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Borgnine shines!, 1 October 2004

If you are looking for the latest buddy film or some other cinematic special effects overload then by all means pass this one by.

But if you want to see a seasoned veteran of the screen in a vehicle that entertains at a relaxed pace, then you may want to check out "Barn Red." While this slow moving drama will have the MTV (read EMPTY-V) reaching for their remotes, those with the patience to stay will see a wonderful performance by an exceptional actor.

Faced with the possible loss of his farm, land that has been in his family for generations, Borgnine's character must make some tough decisions as he tries to enlist the support of his neighbors who are tempted by the promise of great wealth from aggressive land developers.

Other films have looked at the plight of the modern day family farm but few of them have this much heart.

Case Closed (1988) (TV)
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Charles Durning as a sex symbol?, 27 September 2004

How can you not like Byron Allen? No matter what project he is involved in, he certainly always seems to put his heart into it 100%.

While this may seem to be an unusual partnering of the young and (sometimes) over-enthusiastic (read overacting) Allen with the seasoned Durning, they both seem to have a pretty good time together and this makes for a very watchable film. The story revolves around an old unsolved diamond heist with Durning as the lead detective, now retired.

Allen drafts Durning back in action after a series of murders with a connection to this old case, hoping Durnings familiarity with the cold case might provide some spark to help solve it.

Allen provides good comic relief and delivers his lines (at least the funny ones)effectively. You don't need to be a master detective to figure this one out, but I would recommend it anyway.