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Drug addiction is a powerful thing to overcome., 17 August 2006

"Barbed Wire" was an awakening film to take a look at life and the relationships that you are in and trying to help people overcome their addictions and shortcomings in life. Staying with that person through thick and thin has a tremendous strain on the person supporting the other but, somehow a good prevails in human struggle. Excellent story telling. Riveting film that takes you on a roller-coaster ride about life and its struggle. Drug addiction is a powerful thing to overcome. These characters tell their story with such conviction and realism. This piece should be a template for drug addiction centers worldwide to help emphasize how a chemical can completely hold and destroy a person without help. Overcoming a chemical dependence is such a challenge and is literally a day-to-day struggle with that demon. You hear constantly of everyday people as well as celebrities losing their battle with drugs and alcoholism. They continue to backslide after many, many years of freedom from their enslavement to the drug or substance. This just shows how powerful an entity it is. "Barbed Wire" sets you up to demonstrate how strong an addiction is and puts it right in your face. There is no hiding the truth.

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State trooper evacuating the city of Wilmington before the tsumani, 23 March 2006

The state trooper at the beginning of the show was awesome. Exactly who is the person playing the part? He was giving the Dr. pure hell about the evacuation. Would love to see him in more shows on TV. The actor was great for the part and seemed to have a handle on the total evacuation of the city, however the Dr. disobeyed his direct orders to turn the car around and get in line with the other towns people. He was shown risking his life and limb in doing his duty as a highway patrolman. The part he played showed the strength of the service commitment and dedication of his job. The highway patrolmen are given little recognition for a job well done in an emergency situation and he showed the job classification at its finest hour. A total commitment to public service. We would like to see him in more in supporting the town of Wilmington in Surface.