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My Two Dads (1987–1990)
Something of a gift
20 September 2004
I've read through these comments, all bashing MTD's, but for me growing with two homosexual fathers, the show was a godsend! There, once a week, was a family that looked and acted just like mine - except I didn't have a neighbor like Dick Butkus, he-he. Greg Evigan and Paul Reiser had this unspoken sexual chemistry, just like my father's, Stan and Randy (though sometimes their chemistry was more that just unspoken but that's a story for Dr. Phil!). MTD's quickly became my life. I collected the entire set of trading cards (sold only in Israel), the backpack, and the hair gell endorsed by Greg Evigan at the time (for a firm, stylish hold...). Really, the only thing I can say to sirs, Evigan and Reiser, "Thank you, my two sweet princes."
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