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Warrior (2011)
18 February 2018
This must be the most exciting fight movie ever made. And it even looks real. All the actors does a wonderful job but there is one person who outshines them all and that is Nick Nolte. Wow!

Even if you are not into MMA I am pretty sure you can enjoy it anyway, really. There is a little of everything for most people, in it. See it.

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Modern Cannibal Ferox
18 February 2018
What not to like? Filmed "on location" with real "savages" and tons of gore. I do not get the low scores here, but they must be from people that does not appreciate true gore. Because if you do not, stay away.

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A really funny movie
17 February 2018
Just my kind of humor, apparently. And looking at the IMDB score my humor is different from others. How weird.

And good actors. Brilliant movie. I am going to check out what else this Seth guy has to offer.

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A very well made movie
14 February 2018
Apart from the two poster names, which came off as quite cheezy, this movie was incredibly well made and the acting was great from all included. And in the middle of it all it managed to be funny also. Not bad.

Every action has a reaktion.

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Gifted (2017)
Absolutely everything that I did not expect
19 July 2017
Hands down: I thought this would be some sleazy sob story but it proved me marvelously wrong. Instead it was fun and heartwarming (in the right way) and the acting was really good. Especially from the little girl but also from Captain America and the grandmother. And others.

I truly enjoyed it and can recommend it to anyone, possibly preferably to those who have kids themselves, although I am sure anyone could enjoy it.
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Best Kong yet
23 June 2017
Fantastically well made. And really gruesome and also funny. The CGI is absolutely stunning (apart from in the very beginning in the scene with the two planes crashing, where it totally sucked).

Excellent acting and good lines. Fun and to the point. I have absolutely nothing to complain about and was, quite frankly, very pleasantly surprised.

Kong has never looked this real before. Oh, I just loved the music as well: Old "Vietnam music" straight through. Brilliant!

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Beautiful but too long
28 May 2017
This is a fantastically beautiful movie. And the acting is top notch. But it is too long - far too long. The story in itself is not so interesting that it can fill 2.5 hours. Cut it down with one hour and it would be great.

The computer graphic aided scenes are also very well done.

So if you have time and you can live with getting a little bored along the line: See it.
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Get Out (I) (2017)
Thriller seen from fresh eyes
13 May 2017
Fantastic! I would not call it "horror" but certainly "thriller" with some comedy thrown into it. This Jordan Peele fellow has managed to bring something new to this genre and I certainly hope he'll do more thrillers.

The cast is great and I especially enjoyed Betty Gabriels performance. Lots of faces I have never seen before and they all did a stellar job. And those faces I have seen before did a stellar job, too. =)

I do not know if the overall idea is new but the way it was presented and the way it was done feels very fresh.

Warmly recommended!
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This is not a comedy - it is political correct crap
22 August 2016
I am so disappointed.

We loved the first one. Why? Because it was totally politically incorrect, without any messages at all. Just plain stupid. Lovely.

And then comes the sequel. Smock filled with politically correctness and messages on how to think and feel in every scene. Yes, even how to vote.

There were absolutely no laughs. There was absolutely nothing from the first movie. Except messages of political correctness.

How could you? Shame on you! What is wrong with just giving us a comedy? I did not sign up for this lesson in political correctness. I want my money back.
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Totally wrong but good graphics
18 August 2016
Make no mistake: I gave it a 6 for the graphic work alone. The rest was pure rubbish. I was expecting a dark, cruel and gritty movie and I got something out of Disney for Kids.

Tarzan for me is a wild animal, not this "oh, I hurt my little toe now I am crying". He was also overly adept at throwing himself out from huge cliffs into the unknown below, and such. Tarzan does not care about being politically correct. And really: Who was politically correct in the end of the 19:th century? Tarzan showed his body all the time but Jane did not show hers once. Not very fair, is it? Sadly Skarsgård was the totally wrong actor for this. They should have found someone rock hard that can kill without batting his eyes. Not this soft type who is smiling as an idiot whenever he sees a baby.
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Amazingly well done and preserved..
7 August 2016
I must say I was amazed by this movie. To begin with I think they had preserved "the history" of it in a fantastic manner, not the least having Christopher Walken singing the much loved King Louie song. To hear him as King Louie was overall a fantastic experience. The rest of the old songs were there too – equally well preserved with a loving touch. And the story.. wow.. It was the old "Jungle Book" but still new and modern.

The Tiger – Shere Khan – was pure Evil. Amazingly well done! Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley did great voices, also. And of course Scarlett Johansson, who's voice I would not have minded hearing more of.

To say something on the negative side is that I could have done without the "cute" animals, such as the wolf cubs and whatnot. I would have enjoyed this film even more if it was darker. And wasn't King Louie a bit oversized? He was bigger than the elephants =)
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Gods of Egypt (2016)
It lacks everything, but the CGI
26 June 2016
Stunning CGI.

Well, that is it. The rest, however, is utter crap. The older actor's rolls and performances are horrendous and the younger actor's rolls and performances are silly, shallow and would probably do better in a music video or on Youtube.

But the CGI is fantastic and constant. What a waste.

This movie lacks some dirt and grit. It lacks everything, but the CGI. What it does not lack is people running around believing they are in a Katy Perry music video.

It has glitter and it has gold, when it should have had grit and dirt.
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Not true but very well made propaganda
25 April 2016
He does it quite well, with a humorous twist. But his message is wrong on so many levels. I do not agree with him at all but I give it five anyway, because he is good at this type of disinformation.

Among many things he goes on about paid vacation. OK, sounds great. But if you think about the following example.

A person in France earns 3000 EUR per month after taxes. He/she takes four weeks vacation and gets paid during this time. Great. That is then a yearly salary of 36 000 EUR after taxes.

A person in the US earns the equivalent of 4000 EUR per month after taxes. He/she take four weeks of unpaid vacation. That is then a yearly salary of 44 000 EUR after taxes.

Who earns more? Well, you are right - the person in the US. Paid vacation sounds great but the main thing here is what you get to keep after the taxes is paid. And let me tell you: Here in Europe it is not much.

Michael Moore "forgets" to mention such things throughout the movie.
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Ghastly pile of politically correct horse manure
30 March 2016
And I thought Jar Jar Binks was the pits for this movie series. Jeeez, was I wrong.

They have now managed to turn this into a politically correct, both when it comes to sex and race, boring and totally non-entertaining pile of horse manure, that not even the most hard-core Star Wars fan could possibly like.

And Harrison Ford? Oh man.. why oh why? BB-8 was probably the only one in the whole show that managed the upgrade from the past till the present, with any kind of dignity.

Please. Please. Stop doing this. Make movies for adults with a brain, instead of for 12-year olds with Alzheimer.
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Creed (2015)
incredibly boring
16 February 2016
This was so boring and sad in a fantastically disappointing mixture. What used to be original is now totally shallow and centres, for some reason, around an equally boring love story. I mean.. really? Why do they have to have boring love stories in a fighter movie? Stallone is boring and completely uninteresting. Adonis and his girlfriend are boring. Even the few fighting scenes there are - are boring. The focus of this film is totally wrong - a fighting movie that focuses on a love story instead of training and fighting.

Hence this movie has absolutely no value whatsoever. The only good thing about it is that it was not called "Rocky" because that would have thwarted that good name.
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Bone Tomahawk (2015)
Good stuff!
11 November 2015
This is an exceptionally good movie. I am not sure that it should be called a western since it only happens to be set in such an environment. It could equally well be situated in the rain forests of Borneo, Sumatra or any remote place, really.

Anyhow: Good acting, good dialogue, good camera. Really good suspense and quite gory.

Jeeez, I wish they made more movies like this one.

Curt Russell rules but I must say that Richard Jenkins does the most enjoyable fellow in this flick.

So if you want to see a good and gory horror flick, totally devoid of any moral lessons or deeper thougths: Look no further!

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The Guest (I) (2014)
Dan Stevens is the next Bond
20 August 2015
This was a very nice surprise of a movie and indeed it was also very surprising in being so different. Dan Stevens is also very different from Downton Abbey, which I guess is what he wanted to distance himself a bit from. He really has "it" and I would not be surprised if he pops up as the next Bond.

The movie? It is kind of a B-movie but the plot is excellent and they take some stuff further then normally. I can't say what exactly, without spoiling the plot. But what I can say is that you have seen all of this before. Just not this way.

It is violent and funny and not very politically correct. And yes, Dan Stevens is the bad guy and you root for him all the way. And isn't he the most charming bad guy you have ever seen… he nails it! The other actors? Emmm… they are OK. I dunno, they are so out shined by Dan Stevens that I cannot seem to recall them anymore. So apparently they can't have done too poor of a job.
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Aloha (I) (2015)
Why was this movie made?
15 August 2015
Absurdly... boring. Who paid for this movie, I wonder? Either it was the US Army who wanted to show how politically correct they have become (they keep mentioning "The New Army") or it was Hawaii that paid for the movie. Or both. It was NOT created for the revenue stream of the cinema visitors, that is for sure.

There was no real plot. No depth. Nothing. It was just.. boring. And this in spite of it having some really good actors. But good actors are unable to transform a movie that has no plot, no meaning and no depth.


I would certainly not recommend it to anyone.
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Spy (2015)
Feministic in a traditional man-hating way
1 August 2015
When Swedish news media went all frantic about how good this movie is because it is feminist, I thought they were kidding: Anything with a strong woman in it is usually depicted as a feminist movie here in Sweden.

Well, now I have seen it and I must say they are right. It really was feminist.

For example the female leads said sentences like "it felt good to shoot a man" and "he is obsolete". The last sentence about a man, of course. Now, if a movie where made where a leading male character said "it felt good to shoot a woman" and "she is obsolete" then Swedish media would scream for someone to be thrown in jail (and preferably castrated also). But when a woman says what they actually said in this movie then it is hailed as feministic and good.

Apart from this there were some funny jokes: Mostly of the "fat person" kind that Melissa usually does.

But it was toooo looooong. God, what a long movie. It would have benefited a lot from having half an hour cut out of it. Preferably then a feministic half hour.
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Beck: Invasionen (2015)
Season 5, Episode 3
Politically correctness totally kills it
14 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Whenever Swedish media tries to come close to the subject of immigrants and crime then they become so full of political correctness (in Sweden called "PK") that it ends up being embarrassing and painful to watch or read.

I imagine that the people of North Korea are treated to the same amount of bullshit from their media and government as the Swedes are.

In this flick no immigrants are bad at all and every chance is taken to explain their every move and every reason. Only the white guys are bad.

As usual there are of course no women bad guys at all, only men. And again, only the white guys are bad.
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Good fun and some intelligent advice, too boot.
13 April 2015
This is good fun with some twisted humor and good acting. And I think it holds some good advice on the subject of marriage as well. Please give us more of this kind of comedy. Much more. And the idea of the Wedding Ringer is a really good one. Maybe someone should act upon it and start such a service? Well, maybe it exists already in Los Angeles or someplace similar, what do I know. One thing I have no clue what it means is the "Ringer" part. I have watched the movie but I still can't wrap my head around that word.

I wouldn't say I was down on the floor laughing my head off, but it was good fun all the way. Yeah, OK, it is sort of predictable but why try and predict things all the time? Just sit down with something good to eat and drink and follow the plot and enjoy the moment, no need to think ahead all the time, is there?

And yeah, wedding parties are designed for women. I agree.
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The Salvation (2014)
A good Danish western
13 October 2014
Maybe it takes Danes to do a really good Western these days? American westerns seems to be all about softer things now, while this movie was tough and, in part, quite brutal. They even killed a kid in it, which sort of never happens in American movies.

Mads Mikkelsen delivers as always. His stone face is made for this sort of thing (Clint Eastwood, anyone?). Jeffrey Dean Morgan did a good job as the bad guy and Eva Green was really cool as a mute and strong woman.

The Swedish feminist newspapers hated this movie because it was about two strong men, the brothers. I for one can't see what they were complaining about, given Green's role. And in any case, even if Green wasn't there: Why can't a movie be about two strong men?
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Better. But there is so much more to explore.
28 September 2014
This one was actually better than the first one, where they only stayed in on e single house all the time. Here they were all over the place and lots of different purge situations occurred. But boy, with this idea they could do so much more.

I imagine the next one to be about an ex marine and we follow him all through the year when he is writing a list of known child molesters, killers, feminists and other low life. And then: The night of the Purge! And now we follow our hero as he goes along, killing all the people on his list. We might also follow other people on the night of the purge (and before) when they are revenging different wrong doings.
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Blended (2014)
Not a comedy - possibly a role model education movie
27 September 2014
I really enjoyed watching a film that tells us that children needs BOTH a mother and a father.

But that is where my enjoyment stopped. This is not a comedy in any way. It is silly, boring and overall a complete waste of time and why anyone would cast Drew Barrymore in anything is completely beyond me. I remember seeing her in "Music and Lyrics" where she completely ruined the comedy part as well. Adam Sandler did not in any way manage to help this so called comedy. In fact, he seemed quite tired - as if he also wished that it was over.

So emmmm... don't bother. But children do need both a mother and a father.
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Chef (2014)
Twitter, twitter, twitter. And blue animated birds.
9 September 2014
The main character in this movie is Twitter. Twitter is just about everywhere. They have even included animated Twitter birds flying around. How much did Twitter pay for this? The whole story is about A) what not to do on Twitter and then B) how to successfully use Twitter as a marketing tool for your business.

Straight out of that company's marketing department, in other words.

That is the whole movie. As horrible as that might sound. But the little acting there is, is done well. However, the Twitter topic, and the whole purpose of the movie, is immensely boring.

I really wanted to like this movie. But I did not.
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