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Trying to make the most of an "unlimited" membership.
(in the last 7-9 months) shame the film choices are limited at my local cinema
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Films that didn't live up to the hype /expectations ! or just not worth seeing ? my rating typically 5 or less (and I am usually generous with my ratings)
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the ones that I have rated 8 or above (actual score of >=7.4)and/or are good enough to see more than once, in date order of first view most recent first. From the last 3 months.
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The best films that I have seen at the cinema this year (from over 65 films so far)
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some i am proud to have, others will never get a second viewing, obviously it's a whole family list but with my ratings
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movies with colours in the title, A pointless list!?
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no particular order, they are all good, very interesting, well made TV docs.
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The best films IMO that I saw at the cinema (2015 UK release dates) from 132 films seen. Check out some of my other lists too.
a list of 100 people case you didn't guess from my movie list.
It started in order but then after about 15th it gets too difficult, I am sure I will add some more when/if I discover I have at least 5 of their films (that I like).
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Roughly in order to start but it is very difficult to rank such great actors, some are still getting better and will eventually be classified amongst the all time greats. Yes, you might say i've missed some great actors out, but it's based on the films I have seen so far and at least 3 performances that stick in my mind.
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in chronological order of when seen
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The films I went to see this year
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Some classics and some B movies.
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The best movies (in my opinion) that I went to see at the cinema. Had to change from top 10 because there have been more good films that shouldn't be missed.
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All the movies I went to see at the cinema in 2014
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The not as good as expected Films I've seen at the cinema, The ones I would suggest to avoid at the top, may just be worth a look at the bottom but didn't live up to their hype for me.
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The Must see films of 2014, most so good I went to see them a few times at the cinema and will probably get them when they come out on BluRay
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based on talent not looks , that's just a bonus
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Film highlights of the 1990s in my (WIP)DVD collection