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"Archer" (2009)
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Excellent show, 1 October 2009

I was a fan of the hit and miss show Sealab and later on Frisky Dingo which was less hit and miss and quite entertaining. If you like rank shows. I am also a fan of Venture Bros and I don't see how you cant draw the similarities between the two. I am also happy to see Jon Benjamin get some steady voice work and he was great in Dr Katz and Home Movies. I would recommend it to anyone to watch the first episode before making your judgment. This is the best pilot I have seen in a while and usually their pretty lame even on shows I think have promise.

The show involves a super spy whose boss happens to be his mother. He has an ex lover as a fellow spy that is currently dating some guy in accounting. You have a blabby HR lady and some other people thrown into the mix like a secretary who is in love with Archer. The situations and under the breath comments are laugh out loud to me and my friends. I can't wait for more.

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Worst Kubrick film, 11 August 2009

I'm sorry for the lopsided rating but this movie needs to be dropped down a peg from it's absurd status on the IMDb 250. How this ever got lumped in the other great Kubrick movies I will never know. In Dr. Strangelove you had an awesome dialog about war and with A Clockwork you had a look at violence and rehabilitation as well as many other things.

In 2001 you have a look at monkeys for 12 or so minutes. Everyone gets it. It's not hard to get, it's pretty, it has some smart writing but the lack of editing is like watching someones life from beginning to end. 2001: An Eternity would be more fitting. I know some people will say you know what it's perfect, every minute had to be there. That's fine I wouldn't want to rob you of your monkey action or your ship docking sequences but I swear you could do this movie in a short and not lose the message.

Maybe that was the point, To do a movie with space imagery and a ton of sunrise images that you can play you're enigma CD with the lights dimmed low as you try and woe some woman with your impressive movie watching resume. Whatever the case this movie shouldn't be uttered in the same breath as his other movies, they actually have content.

Knowing his work and picking this one over the rest would be like picking Bad Boys 2 over The Third Man, Eye candy over substance.

The Grudge (2004)
Good Simple Horror, 6 November 2004

I love it how most people here claim to be big time horror fans but never venture out any further than some retarded sequel to Jeepers Creepers or something like that. I think if your going to rank on a film but down at least 3 points of references of films that you actually thought were good before you act like you have a valid point. I myself, am obsessed with horror films. I watch them all and 95% aren't worth it. For anyone to say they are bigtime horror fans you would have to venture out to foreign cinema since right now there really isn't anything good coming out of the US lately.

Anyone that goes to "the ring" references really doesn't know Asian horror. Even in the movie Kwaidan long black hair has its place which was made ages ago. Its always been associated with decay and death and is pretty creepy in itself. Any movie that uses it is not automatically a rip off. Most people associate The Ring with this film since its probably the only two Japanese born films they have seen and the fact that unlike most horror they use technology as tool. Most Asian horrors have that formula some can be called rehash but others have their own places. I don't think these two films are alike as much as the movie "Phone" or "One Missed Call"( both OK films btw) have ring similarities. I don't think The Ring was as good as Ringu even after seeing The Ring first. I think with horror you have to weigh the pros and cons and see if your happy with it after the fact.

The original theatrical release of Ju-on was nothing special in the lines of plot and pissed me off at the end but I still liked it. My girlfriend wouldn't go anywhere upstairs without me and the second film I think she screamed for a minute straight from Ju-on 2: The Grude. Just like "The Blair Witch" it effects people differently. For people who have seen any version of this film before your going to be jaded since any version you see first is going to be the scariest or what have you. I don't think you can compare it when you have a remake which half@ssly combines the TV and Theatrical Japanese versions yet still manages to be confusing. I don't think it had the umph but I do think it has its own niche with people who haven't seen it since it is better that most of the crap out there. I would take the US remake over Saw anyday.

horror seen lately:

Hypnosis :great ending nice pacing and plot Saw :only for amateur horror fans The Grudge : good if you haven't seen the Japanese versions but only one scene done as well as the original theatre version(the sister) Tale of Two Sisters : Now that is a story told well try and pick that one apart you anal peeps


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