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Not Bad, Not Bad, 26 May 2014

Actually a very effective movie. It's got some great performances along with a great script. Its funny at times and keeps you entertained At times though moments are stretched and it is very predictable. Hamm gives a good strong performance and Arkin just cracked me up! It's not the best movie in the world but its worth giving a look. I think down the road it will be looked at as very underrated and it has a reason. The reason is that this movie is how a movie should be, a funny, smart, family drama with good performances and leaves you with a feel good mood after exiting the theater. Its appropriate for all audiences And sometimes thats all a movie needs.

Safe Haven (2013/I)
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Very good movie with a great ending, 16 February 2013

Josh Duhamel was awesome in this movie. He played a sweet sensible guy that was perfect for Julianne Hough. This movie had a great plot with good romance combined with a mystery and drama. It was worth every penny I spent on valentines day. The final 10 minutes was probably my favorite part. It had a big twist that got me and has stuck with me since i saw it. The writing was excellent as was the directing. It was one of the better romance movies I have seen in a while. It was a perfect valentine movie. When I went I really didn't think that.

If you are looking for a romantic drama to spend with you wife/husband look no further than Safe Haven.

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I'm hooked awesome writing and acting, 25 January 2013

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I wish I could give this higher than a ten! This show is so extremely good! Jim Caveisal does in amazing job while Michael Emerson is doing a great part acting.

In the final episode my mind was blown with the cliffhanger they gave me! For everyone who hasn't seen this show I won't say what happens. The writing and acting continually does well every episode. Every episode has an excellent plot with great action!

Then they come back with an awesome second season! If u r up for a creative mystery with awesome acting look no further than Person of Interest

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Very good show with excellent writing, 23 January 2013

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I love this show! It's not right in your face funny like some shows(regular show). If you are looking for a show to watch as a family look no further than The Looney Tunes Show! Most of the characters are funny and the acting is superb!

The show always starts out slow and really picks up by the end that's also what

makes it so funny!

The writing is also very good. All of the episodes are very entertaining. It is a mix between comedy and drama. It's appropriate for all audiences