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New Girl (2011– )
Not a show for people with brains
27 February 2013
I started out an enthusiastic viewer of New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is pretty darn cute and I was a fan of Max Greenfield since Veronica Mars. That said, as the episodes go by, the characters are becoming two dimensional caricatures of their former selves.

I think this is an eventuality for any show as it progresses, but it's a phenomenon that shows like the Office have managed to stave off for at least 7 or 8 seasons. Seems like it's happening to New Girl in season 2.

When I say it's not a show for people with brains, I mean you can't expect it to stimulate your intellect. Even as entertainment, for me the show is becoming an energysuck and a waste of time. I keep watching to see if it will get better, but I'm disappointed every week. I'm surprised that the showrunner (and purported feminist), Liz Meriwether, has created such vapid female characters. Jess and Cece (the two core female on the show) are in their 30s and have no drive, no direction, no ambition, and no wit. The males fare a little better with Schmidt, but not by much. Above all, none of these characters seem to advance in any way from episode to episode and the storyline is never remarkably original or intriguing. It's like Groundhog Day every week.

I can't help thinking that if weren't for Zooey and her giant eyes and Hannah Simone in general, no one would watch this show. I wonder how far New Girl will go, riding on the American audience's naivete. Probably quite far.
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The Mindy Project (2012–2017)
Witty and Refreshing
27 February 2013
Mindy Kaling is a smart cookie. It shows in her character, the writing, and the dynamic of the show. I started watching the Mindy Project because it airs after New Girl and honestly as the episodes go by, I find myself liking Mindy's show more and more and have garnered quite a distaste for New Girl. The difference for me is in the strength of the female characters. Mindy does an amazing job portraying a smart, successful, self-possessed woman who is still charming, quirky, and sometimes neurotic. You won't find that combination in New Girl, at least not in the two female leads. I hope the Mindy Project keeps it up; any basic cable show that sneaks words like "defenestrated" in casual conversation is a winner in my book.
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