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Gladiator (2000)
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One of the best movies ever made..., 16 September 2004

Gladiator was a thrilling and moving experience for me.. My sons had seen it and said it was great so I got it on all day pay per view...needless to say I watched it about 8 times in a row.. I didn't really know much about Russell Crowe before this film but was so impressed with his range of emotions and I fell for him..The expressions of love for his duty to the ceasor..his family ..and his men..He is truly A great actor.. Connie Nielson is to me underrated as an actress.. She is not only beautiful but played the part of such a strong woman as well it was impressive.. and Joquin..formerly known as Leaf.. well I admired his performance but hated him soo much I couldn't wait for him to die.. also.. Cicero.. remember him in Braveheart as well?? does anyone know about the scars on his face??.. The movie is definitely in my top 10 and recommend it for women as well as men!! Hail Ceaser...

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This miniseries came on when I was 20.. I was still living at home and was more interested in dating..But The night it first came on I was hooked!! I stayed home to see all of it and laughed, cried, the works.. I fell in love with ALLLLL the characters... ROBERT DUVALL is without a doubt one of the best actors of our time.. TOMMY LEE JONES is just as good..and all the others..The whole cast was perfect for their parts!!... I bought the 4 tape set when it came out and now the DVD...At least once every 3 weeks I have A 'LONESOME DOVE " party and we drink and toast to the Texas RANGERS!!LONG LIVE NEWT, MCCRAE, CPT CALL,DEETS,LORENA,PEA EYE,AND ALL THE OTHERS... ALSO.. BLESS YOU ROBERT URICH..