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Resident Evil was great , this is not even close to being great., 14 December 2004

Resident Evil: Apocalypse was pretty much a bit of a disappointment, I was looking forward to this movie. Before I watched this movie myself a lot of people had told me that its not good like part one, but i wanted to give it a go anyways, they were all right this lacked the great script & gore of the original movie. In my opinion this movie was bad as Alien vs Predator. This movie felt like a B grade movie & did not at any stage get to a level of greatness as the first. Yes the movie is nowhere near as good as the first but it does get interesting towards the end, one thing I didn't like in this movie were the action sequences, they seemed so fake & not even realistic, I don't know why this movie has an R rating because the gore in this movie was non existent. Milla Jovovich was the only good thing in this movie, if she wasn't in this there is no way I would have watched it. Here is how I rate this movie

Acting: 5 / 10

Gore / Special Effects: 4 / 10

Story / Plot: 3.5 / 10

Overall: 4.5 / 10

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A great coming of age show, not as cheesy as "Saved By The Bell", 8 December 2004

I must admit that i wasn't the biggest fan of "Boy Meets World" when it used to air on TV during the 90's, only recently i borrowed Season 3 from my friend & have been watching it over & over again, there isn't any cheesy dialogues in this, the reason i'm saying this is because I used to be a huge fan of "Saved By The Bell", but watching that show now you can see that there are a lot of pathetic & cheesy episodes & I also noticed that Kelly can't act well. Boy Meets World is more realistic & something more that you might be able to relate to. Ben Savage as Corey Matthews was a good actor for his age & in my opinion is equally as good as his brother Fred Savage from " The Wonder Years ". William Friedle as Eric Matthews was probably one of the better characters because he's supposed to be really dumb & plays that well. Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter is also good, he adds to the shows, everyone else is great too, but i don't wanna post a huge review. I love the scenes when they actually show Corey & Shawn or Corey & Eric fighting, i don't mean verbal they actually start pushing & shoving it's so realistic, to me that adds to their great acting it looks all so real. A great show its not the funniest but its a classic. 8 / 10

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Better than I thought it would be, Ben Stiller is at his best here., 2 December 2004

If your a Ben Stiller fan then you are gonna get what you expect. I myself am a fan of Ben Stiller, but I heard that this movie isn't all that great, but i loved it, Ben stiller gets into the weirdest little situations you can think of, for example my favourite part in the movie is when Jennifer Aniston invites him upstairs into her apartment, Stiller makes himself comfortable on her bed, he unbuttons his top button, then looking around he does the second button & then the third, all in stages, then not knowing what else to do he quickly gets on the floor does as push-ups as quick as possible before she sees him, I know writing it out doesn't sound as funny, something you have to see to be laughing at. Hank Azaria as Claude was probably the 2nd funniest character in the movie, he's a funny man too. Along Came Polly is a cross between, Meet the Parents & Duplex, both of those movies were good. Overall I'll give Along Came Polly a 7.5 /10.

Cop Land (1997)
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Even if your not a Stallone Fan, trust me you will love this movie., 24 November 2004

Cop Land (1997) stars Sylvester Stallone, Harvey Keitel, Ray Liotta & Robert De Niro, a line of up of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Stallone actually had to gain 40 pounds for this so he doesn't look like a action movie tough cop. I'm actually a pretty big Stallone fan. I've always delayed watching Cop Land, i know that its about 7 years old now, but i only recently watched this a few weeks ago, I was blown away by this movie. The concept is so great for this movie that they actually made a TV series on this movie with a lot of the same actors in the show called " The Sopranos". I've never really seen the show but i doubt that it would be as good as this movie. Cop Land is a movie which should be in or near the top 250 of all time. If you like Mafia movies such as "Heat, "Goodfellas", "The Godfather", "The Untouchables" & "Casino" then you would enjoy this. It's actually a fast paced movie, its not too slow & no over the top dialogues. I wish that I could've made a movie like this, A lot of people would enjoy this, but i think not many people have seen or have heard of this movie. 5/5

Soul Plane (2004)
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Glad I didn't pay to see this movie, 24 November 2004

I watched this at my friends house & I usually like black comedy movies, but after watching this I realized that the soundtrack would've been a lot better to listen too rather than watching this dated movie. This movie is full of jokes that you would've already heard in a million other movies. I guess the upside to this whole movie was K.D. Aubert as Giselle ( the hottest black woman ever ) she really can't act all that well she should've just been naked throughout the whole movie, John Witherspoons character was also wasted, he is a good actor but in this he was very lame. Snoop Dogg is surprisingly a good actor especially in (Starsky & Hutch), but even he couldn't have saved this movie. This movie is pretty bad with only a couple of laughs throughout the film. Overall a disappointing movie for all, If you like movies such as The Friday series, Money Talks, Barberhop & Nothing To lose, then don't watch this movie because its nothing like any of these movies. This rating of 3.1 / 10 is pretty much right on target.

The best teen movie of 2004, maybe just a little over the top., 24 November 2004

"The Girl Next Door" a movie which I expected very little from, but it proved to be best teen flick of 2004. Well acted & stayed funny from start to finish. All the characters in this movie were good in their own way.

My 2 favourite characters besides the 2 main ones were Timothy Olyphant as Kelly & Chris Marquette as Eli, these 2 guy were really funny & interesting characters, Timothy's character was very crazy & twisted funny I thought that as soon as he came on screen the movie got even better because the story started building up. Chris Marquettes character as the horny kid who wants to get laid asap was also very good. Back to the 2 main stars of the Movie Emile Hirsh & Elisha Cuthbert ( she is the hottest young chick i've seen in Hollywood) she is so amazing I mean before this movie i've heard about her & all but i didn't know that she was so damn good looking. I thought she acted very well for her hard to play character of an ex-pornstar when she herself is very young I think she would've been turning 21 while shooting this. Emile Hirch done a great job too he is also another great young actor he's actually quiet young he would've been around 18 during filming, so overall the movie was enjoyable, it is a little outrageous in some ways, but it's a movie the main thing is that it made me laugh, thats all you need isn't it? 7.5 / 10 Two thumbs up.

Saved! (2004)
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Recommended if you like "Igby Goes Down & "The dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys"., 23 November 2004

"SaveD" a movie not for everyone to enjoy, its more like a indie movie with much more famous actors. The reason i was looking forward to seeing this was because Macaulay Culkin was staring in it, his acting was superb as usual, even though he didn't get much screen time. Even though Mandy Moore's character as Hilary Faye was so irritating you have to admit that she is a good actress. Jena Malone is also another great young actress, she'll be a lot more famous in years to come. Patrick Fugit made a good appearance as Jena Malone's boyfriend, he's probably most known for his role as William Miller in "Almost Famous". Eva Amurri ( daughter of Susan Sarandon) was also great as the outsider rebel like Jewish girl. Saved is a movie not everyone would enjoy, its not for people who only like teen comedies. I would think that if you like "Igby Goes Down", "The Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys" & "The Truman Show" well then i think that you would enjoy watching this. Personally i think its one of the better movies of 2004, i would give this 9 / 10.

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A show that reminds you of a simpler time in life., 14 September 2004

I honestly still love watching Saved by the bell, i have season 1 - 4 on DVD & also the college years on DVD too, i have admit that whenever i watch this it puts in a very different state of mind, I mean if you think about it this show is about 15 years old or so, every time i watch this show it reminds me of the good & simple life you lived as a kid. Truthfully admit it or not, there are a few episodes in Saved by the bell that are really cheesy boring, but you can't expect every episode to be a class. If your a fan you should definitely buy this on DVD its worth it. I've noticed that none of the six leading stars of this show Zac, Slater, Screech, Jessie, Lisa or Kelly are big stars now, their all doing their own things. It's always been clear that Zac ( Mark-Paul Gosselaar ) was the best actor out of the six & if your a fan of him i recommend that you watch his movie Dead man On campus ( 1998 ) that movie is so funny. If someone now watches Saved by the bell they won't appreciate it as much as the older fans would. Some other shows i loved when i was young were Perfect Strangers, The smurfs, Family Matters, Full House, Married With Children, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Inspector Gadget, Garfield & Friends, The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air & many more which i can't think of at the moment.