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Pimpin' 101 (2002) (V)
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Adult Entertainment with a Solid Rap Beat, 13 September 2004

With a title like "Pimp'in 101" coupled with the outrageous Ice-T, you expect a sexually charged DVD with a high energy rap beat. I wasn't disappointed. The language, images, sound track and tempo matched what I look for in a glossy adult movie. I don't want sugar coating and this video was true to the title. It is an accurate primer on the world's oldest profession as told by a master rapper and player.

"Pimp'in 101" works on two entertainment levels. The rap tracks are right on. The lyrics and rhythms are hard core and matches the pace and intensity of the images. Visually, the women look great and the men aren't faking it.

There is nothing wrong with adult entertainment that exhibits some thought and planning. In the extra features section of "Pimp'in 101," you can see a portion of the amount of hard work that goes into making an adult feature. In addition to lighting, sound, location, props and scripting considerations, adult movies have to deliver on a deep, emotional level. Quite frankly, if it doesn't add to your enjoyment and practice of safe sex, word travels quickly that a particular hardcore flick is not worth the rental or purchase price. In my opinion, "Pimp'in 101," is grade "A" entertainment.