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Hilarious satire, 22 October 2005

Bernard Hill's portrayal of Blunkett was inspired. It must be very difficult to play a blind man with your eyes open but Hill does it perfectly. He mastered his subject so well it could have been Blunkett. Other characters were not so well cast I believe. Whilst Robert Lindsay did look vaguely Blairesque I doubt if he uses the 'F'word as much as we are led to believe. The two actresses playing the main female roles seemed to be in opposite roles, with the more attractive Doon Mackichen playing the less attractive Cherie Blair and the (to me) unattractive Victoria Hamilton playing the more attractive Kimberly Quinn. Stuart Maquarrie's portrayal of Boris Johnson was bloody awful, but then Johnson himself is so theatrical he is a difficult subject for a lesser actor.

The real funny man for my money was Tobias Menzies as the aide, 'Lady who? Tell her to f*** off!'

The only sad thing about the play is that it was based on real events and people, who are still centre stage in mainstream politics. Is this how we now see our government, as role models for satirical television?