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Why The Happening is a disaster of a movie, 14 June 2008

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First off, the concept is mildly interesting. An apocalypse as a result of a defense mechanism by plants as a response to global warming. Mark Wahlberg is decent in the lead role, the score is appropriate if not special and the direction produces some fairly effective moments of genuine tension. However the script is an absolute embarrassment, and the premise is lazily thought through and clumsily introduced. It is strongly reminiscent of The Birds, but the reason The Birds is possibly the greatest horror film ever made is that the descent from banality into nightmare is slowly and carefully judged and subtly allows the viewer to make their own connection between the bird attacks and the sexual awakening of the lead female character. The Happening comes out as being completely depth-less, Cloverfield seems almost meaningful in comparison, and that has a tremendous thrill factor that The Happening lacks completely. Ultimately it is the ineffective and amateurish script that really lets the film down and makes it almost impossible to recommend to anyone but those people interested in how to construct unnerving park scenes. The worst film I've seen this year, a post previously occupied by Jumper.

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The greatest film I have ever seen., 14 May 2005

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2001: A Space Odyssey is quite long at 2 hrs 30 mins or so, and it moves along very slowly. On top of this the plot is negligible, offering little in the way of explanations for anything and there is little continuity. The characters in the movie remain, for the most part, undeveloped and in general it is very easy to dismiss the whole film as being boring. In any other film the above flaws would make for a terrible, terrible film. But this isn't quite like any other film I've ever seen.

Visually, it is perfect. In fact, the film could easily be watched just as a series of stunning pictures: the planets aligning, the haunting image of the monolith, the space stations, the incredibly realistic apes, the drugged stream of colour at the climax of the film and the newborn baby the size of a planet which gives the film a brilliantly uplifting finale. Add to this some of the best chosen film music of all time (who would have thought that the Blue Danube waltz would be the perfect accompaniment to the image of a rotating space station) and all the sound effects, with whole scenes being accompanied by just the sound of breathing, and this is, quite simply, the best film I have ever seen.

Bullitt (1968)
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The ultimate cool movie, 11 March 2005

Unfortunately this film is remembered now purely for its car chase which, while still being excellent, is by no means the best part of the film. Steve McQueen gives his career-best performance, even above The Great Escape and The Thomas Crown Affair (definitely worth a look if you like this), the music (where used) is absolutely superb and in my opinion the film's main attraction is the title sequence, which really is one of the best of all time. There are a few flaws which prevent it from really being one of the best movies ever made, however. The problems are with the dialogue where there are some really bad lines, and the plot, which tails off towards the end. But if you can possibly look beyond these faults there is a huge amount of fun to be had with this film.