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This is a list of the 1000 most essential horror films, according to me. I made this as a kind of alternative to They Shoot Zombies, Don't They? but using my own personal taste and knowledge of the genre to build it.

I whittled this down from a starting list of about 2500, but I wanted to cap it at 1000 so yes, there are lots of things missing. I've tried to be objective as much as possible without the list just being a repeat of every other horror list out there.

Many factors were considered to determine inclusion or exclusion (and obviously, only films that I have seen):
Films that I felt were not horror enough are excluded (particularly thrillers, also some sci-fi)
Films that I like but don't really offer anything new are excluded.
Films that I dislike but are important (in whatever sense) are included.
Films that I like that aren't particular well-liked or well-known but that I feel should/will be important are included.
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a list of 913 titles
Lost all films in a hard drive crash. These are the ones I still need to reacquire.
a list of 694 titles
Lost all films in a hard drive crash. These are the ones I still need to reacquire.
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a list of 511 titles
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Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.
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As voted by 30 members.

Results thread:
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As voted by 27 members.

Results thread:
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Last update: 15 November 2015
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From the perspective of a straight female.

Note: Generally taking them 'at their prime' and before any dramatic plastic surgery, though some still lose points for how they look now. This is based purely on looks, not acting ability or whatever else.

Still struggling to reach 100.
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This list is super volatile because it changes depending on what I'm watching or not watching. #1 hasn't changed since 2005, and the rest have shuffled around but the top 10 is pretty solid.

Also I've generally taken them 'at their prime'.
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a list of 50 titles
The top 50 Australian films that have been nominated for TSZDT. They are in ranked order, as they appear in the full list.
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a list of 145 titles
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This is a complicated list, but I used the definition of "films that inspire lust, romance and longing within me". Some may be obvious, some may not.

I included some TV shows and though they are ranked as best as possible as a whole, for some I've used noteworthy 'sexy' episodes as a placeholder but they are still ranked as the entire show.

The top 13 is pretty solid, the rest could depend on my mood. #1 hasn't changed since January 2007 and I doubt it ever will.

There are 101 because I included one video game because I had to.

Last updated: 12 December 2015
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Calculated from the lists of 73 forum members. Can be found on iCM:
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a list of 16 titles
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Some films I found too difficult to classify as slashers or not. I included some borderline (Psycho? Jeepers Creepers? The Collector?). Giallos included.

Ranked partly on how much I like them as slashers and how much I like them in general. I love Psycho more than than most of these films, for example, but I consider it a thriller more than a slasher so therefore it ranks low.

Yes, I don't like Halloween or Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
a list of 355 titles
Last update 28 October 2015.

Ranked, albeit loosely. Ranked based on how much I like 'em, how much I like 'em as horror movies and other bits and pieces.
a list of 49 titles
includes shows I've started watching, but haven't finished
a list of 1,083 titles
a list of 50 titles
The top 50 Mexican films that have been nominated for TSZDT. They are in ranked order, as they appear in the full list.
a list of 50 titles
The top 50 Nordic films that have been nominated for TSZDT. They are in ranked order, as they appear in the full list.
a list of 250 titles
The top 250 Japanese films that have been nominated for TSZDT. They are in ranked order, as they appear in the full list.
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Why does this list exist? Well, why is ET brown? No reason.

In general I hate romance films, but we were discussing them and then I decided to make this list because lists rule. I tried to only include films where the romance aspect was not only a large part of the film, but was a large part of the reason why I liked it.
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a list of 20 titles
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a list of 25 titles
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a list of 302 titles
a list of 199 titles
a list of 577 titles
not planning on watching all of these but yea
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a list of 72 titles
a list of 16 titles
a list of 642 titles
The films from my top 750 that I haven't watched since before 2014.
a list of 17 titles
Even my least favourite genres have some great films.
a list of 326 titles
Sorted by amount of pain caused.

Comments disabled coz I'm sick of retarded people wishing me large heart attacks and such.
a list of 750 titles
Currently rewatching all my favourite films, so I can make a fresh new list, so this is my current list in chronological order instead of ranked.
a list of 185 titles
Feature length only. Included modern silents as well just coz.
a list of 28 titles
I used two different types of 'depressing':
- films that leave me feeling depressed
- films with a depressing atmosphere

Ranked in depressing-ness.
a list of 43 titles
1911 - 1
1912 - 1
1913 - 5
1914 - 6
1915 - 5
1916 - 2
1917 - 3
1918 - 5
a list of 77 titles
a list of 61 titles
a list of 246 titles
excludes 2014 and 2015 films
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The few movies which have warmed my cold heart to the point of making me bawl like a baby.

I have also included a couple of TV shows (eps specified), since I feel they deserve a mention as it is near impossible to make me cry.

Ordered by level of sadness.
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As of 7 May 2015.
a list of 9,999 titles
As of 7 May 2015.
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a list of 5,247 titles
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a list of 1,000 titles
This is a project I've undertaken in order to create the most definitive, canonical horror list possible. This is the first edition of the list.

I have collected 1,231 lists from books, critics, websites, polls, forums, famous names in horror and horror fans. Using a few formulas and such, this list is the current compiled result. These 1,000 films have been narrowed down from a starting list of over 5,000 films.

The website can be found here:
a list of 94 characters
Coz why not? The ranking is based on how hot the character is, not the actor (well, they have a part in it obviously but you know what I mean). And also depends on my mood, the time of month, if I've recently watched something so you know; lots of factors.

Some of these films could arguably be more thriller or sci-fi, but I don't care. It's my list, biatches.
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a list of 54 titles
After being blown away by the church scene in Kingsman, I was overcome with an urge to create a list of my favourite scenes. This doesn't take into account how good the film as a whole is, but how awesome a particular scene is (of course, out of context they probably all suck but you know).

So far this is under construction and the ranking is not final.
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Note 'favourite'. This means that either they consistently churn out great performances and/or that I simply enjoy their performances. Or basically 'this person being in a film makes me want to watch it more'. Which often translates to me thinking a guy is hot, but for the purpose of this list, I have to enjoy their acting as well.

Ranked, though 1&2 are tied - gave the edge to the one I've liked the longest.
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I've been a massive horror fan since I was a kid and being saddened by the fact that it's the most under-appreciated genre and you have to wade through a lot of crap to find the gems, I decided to make a list of recommendations.

This is a personal list of the best horror movies that I've seen. It includes personal favourites, as well as films that I think are good, but don't love. Films I don't like at all are not included here, so any glaringly obvious omissions are likely on purpose. This is not meant to be a list of the best and most important horror movies, just the ones I've liked the most. So it's really for my own amusement, but maybe it might convince someone to check out something they might not have seen otherwise.

Sorted chronologically.
a list of 500 titles
a list of 586 titles
And have available to watch. Basically, any film which interests me and that I want to see. Mostly ones that have interesting plots or themes that I enjoy exploring.
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a list of 51 titles
a list of 68 titles
I don't play that many games. I used to play a few when I was a kid (hence all the N64 games), but just sort of dabbled occasionally in the odd small indie game since. Trying to catch up with some big ones I've missed or tried once and got bored after 5 minutes.

Also, in no particular order:

Binding of Isaac, Burger Shop 2, Fiber Twig 2, Inspector Parker, Qbicles, Dynomite, Scooter's Magic Castle, Gizmo's and Gadgets, Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth, Peter Pan - A Story Painting Adventure, Ping & Kooky's Cuckoo Zoo, The Pagemaster, BIT.TRIP Runner, Half Minute Hero, Little Inferno, Plague Inc, Triple Town, Bag It, iAssociate 2, Infectonator, Defender II, 30 Second Life, Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers.
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In 2002, I was staying at my grandparents house and just lying about in the lounge room watching Nickelodeon. A new show called Invader Zim was advertised as premiering next, so I hung around to watch it. I was hooked from the first second. Since then, my family has been tortured with daily quotes and references and every time I rewatch it, it's just as hilarious as the first time.

Having recently just rewatched the entire series, I decided to rank the episodes - keeping in mind that I love or like all the episodes, except perhaps the last 2. Because of the '2-for-1' nature of the episodes, check the notes to see which half I'm referring to.
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Most people who know me know that I tend to either like one film from a director and hate everything else, or just hate all their work. I'm not very consistent in these things, so these lists are tough for me make.

Ordering is iffy after the top 5/10. I basically used any directors whose styles that I like (regardless of whether I like tons of their films or not) and directors who happen to have a ton of films that I love (regardless of their style or directing abilities).

I don't usually concentrate on directors, so mostly trying to restrict it to those I've seen 5+ from. I've included some with less films based on how good those films were and how much potential I think they have, but are generally ranked lower than those I've seen more films from.
a list of 342 titles
This is a personal list of my favourite horror movies. Some rankings may seem weird due to me not considering certain films as 'horror' as much as others (so some of my overall favourites are quite low since this is a 'horror' list).

Order could change depending on my mood, so take it with a grain of salt.
a list of 67 titles
I am including zombieless zombie movies, just basically including everything that I would consider a 'zombie' movie and just not a film which has the dead reanimated (eg, I'm not including Friday the 13th films).

And I know a few films aren't really zombie movies and just contain a zombie or two, or are technically virus or demonic possession films but it's good enough for me so suck my balls if you don't like it. I also left out a few films where them being a zombie film is actually a spoiler.

The top 50 or so are favourites and after that are honorable mentions.
a list of 70 titles
a list of 150 titles
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a list of 22 titles
Spanish-language films.
a list of 36 titles
This was made quickly based on downloaded Steam games that I haven't gotten around to playing yet, recent games I've heard about and been interested in and a few recs from others. I've generally tried to avoid genres I'm not interested in or sequels to games I don't like or games that are too old for me to fully appreciate [unless you grow up with them, the gameplay and graphics have dated too much]. For console games, that means anything in the 90s onwards is fine (I was born in 91, and raised on console games), but PC needs to be late 90s.

But I've also recently moved out of home and living by myself and don't even own a TV let alone any consoles. I have my laptop and a 3DS (in preparation for X/Y. Pokemon ftw).

Any suggestions welcome.
a list of 514 titles
a list of 432 titles
This only includes films which I haven't seen.
a list of 62 titles
Favourite movies of mine up until about age 12 (2003). I've tried to limit it to movies that I really, really loved (regardless of how I feel about them now). I loved plenty of other films, but left it at ones that I have strong and distinct feelings for. Included the approximate age I was when I loved it, can't remember for a lot of them.

In order from most recent - oldest, because I'm too unimaginative and lazy to do anything else.
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a list of 37 titles
a list of 40 titles
a list of 71 titles
a list of 130 titles
a list of 86 titles
a list of 3 titles
I rarely notice or remember film soundtracks, so this list is really going to be a work in progress.
a list of 6 titles
Currently seen 54.
a list of 19 titles
Seen 91 so far.
a list of 7 titles
Currently seen 82.
a list of 469 titles
a list of 24 titles
a list of 100 titles
Having finally reached 1000 non-English films (a little under 1/4 of total films seen), I am celebrating by making a list of my 100 favourites.
a list of 129 titles
The ranking is a mix between how much I like the film and how much I like the film as a science fiction film.
a list of 25 titles
Since I've been exploring our cinema more lately, I've decided to start this list of my personal favourites. I'll update as I see them.
a list of 21 titles
Haven't seen many docs, or liked many docs, but starting to watch more so I thought I'd get this list started.
a list of 20 titles
Ranking is a mixture of Christmassyness and how much I like them in general. Some films aren't really that Christmassy so are ranked lower than they deserve.
a list of 300 titles
a list of 23 titles
a list of 124 titles
TV shows I have the pilots for and need to check out at some point.
a list of 99 titles
My least favourite movie - not 'movie that critics hate and will make me look like a good little film snob for hating' - for each year from 1915-2013.

When you chuck a sad because you see your favourite movies on here, good. Cry, bitches.

See my Favourite Movie of the Year list here:

See my ranked lists for each year here:
a list of 99 titles
My favourite movie for each year from 1915-2013.

While I watch quite a variety, my favourite genres are horror and sci-fi and I still tend to prefer them - and childhood favourites.

Also, for some of the earlier years I just haven't seen that many films and have had to settle for whatever's on the top of the pile. I'm a fussy person who tends to hate most movies, but hopefully in the future after I've seen more films it'll even out to just being films I love.

See my Least Favourite Movie of the Year list here:

See my ranked lists for each year here:
a list of 1,677 titles
a list of 250 titles
a list of 468 titles
a list of 54 titles
A hastily put together short list of pretty movies.
a list of 65 titles
Ranked from my favourite to least favourite.

Only 10 are rated 7+. It's a terribly mediocre list.
a list of 12 titles
Need to chew this one over.
a list of 13 titles
a list of 263 titles
a list of 124 titles
Mostly ranked/chosen by movies that make me laugh, rather than how much I like them in general. Tried to find a balance between 'laugh out loud funny' and 'amusing atmosphere, but not many laughs'.
a list of 39 characters
All the 'main' characters from Game of Thrones ordered from my favourite to least favourite. Those in the books that haven't been in the series yet will have to wait...

I watched the first two seasons, then read all the books, then rewatched the first two seasons. My feelings toward some characters changed, but mostly they stayed pretty much the same. Arya was my favourite character from the first episode though. I fecking love Arya.
a list of 36 titles
Favourite seasons:
Season 5
Season 2
Season 6
Season 1
Season 4
Season 3
Season 8
Season 9
Season 7 (worth it for 'Blue', but Red Dwarf without Rimmer is just not very pleasant)

I love every season and episode from seasons 1-6. The rest range from ok to bad.
a list of 231 titles
Just another personal list of mine. Listed chronologically and using films that have their genre listed as sci-fi on IMDb (even if I feel they lean toward another genre more, it's just to simplify things).

Like my horror list, this includes personal favourites as well as movies that I might not love, but encompass good things about the genre. Nothing I dislike will be here though.
a list of 50 titles
Can't find films for:
San Marino
Vatican City
a list of 393 titles
All titles mentioned in the book.

1930s - 1-6
1940s - 7-16
1950s - 17-25
1960s - 26-45
1970s - 46-87
1980s - 88-199
1990s - 200-261
2000s - 262-364

Zombieless Zombie Movies: 365-393

Not on IMDb:
Requiem der Teufel (1993)
Sex, Chocolate, and Zombie Republicans (1998)
a list of 23 characters
Characters ranked by how much I like their flashbacks. Currently rewatching, so ranking could change.
a list of 45 characters
From my favourite to least favourite. I am using all the characters who appeared in 10+ episodes, plus a couple extra ones who made an impression (eg, Jacob, Mikhail) and minus a couple who are just pointless to rank (eg, Steve, Cindy).
a list of 30 characters
I took the 30 male characters from the overall list I just made (31 altogether, but I excluded Walt since he's a kid), and ranked them from the hottest to ugliest.

It gets hard separating the character from the face because character is usually just as important for me, but it didn't matter too much with this lot.
a list of 50 titles
A list of joy. All the 'mafia'/bottom 100 movies Adam and I watched together. Not all pain is gain.
a list of 500 titles
Collective effort between myself, ormazd-1 and lievebees.
a list of 37 titles
All movies classified as IMDb 'mafia', ie highly rated by one country, but unheard of and disliked everywhere else.

Ranked from my 'favourite' to least favourite.
a list of 40 people
Self-explanatory really. Regardless of awesomeness or acting ability. Being totally shallow here :)

Lot of obvious ones here unfortunately. It's difficult to pick the uglies from your preferred gender, so I upped it to 40 to allow the obvious ones, and then my personal ones. And 2 from my favourite movie of all time - wtf?? :(

Anyway, sure I forgot a heap of 'em, but whatever.