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In no particular order
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Movies that don't necessarily make one cry, but are emotionally impactful.
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'God Particle' and 'Murder on the Orient Express' were close misses.
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Favorite movies plus favorite performances, directing, and the awards I WOULD HAVE handed out.
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Theatrically Released Only
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forever changing.....
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Not necessarily romantic movies, but the list goes through the best relationships/romances on screen in my opinion.
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The 10 best young actors and actresses that are bound to hold an Oscar in the future....
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The ultimate lineup of Disney characters. just a suggestion but Disney could make a lot of money off making a LEGO game featuring all Disney characters.

IN MY OPINION, the most vital characters....and kinda my favorite

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I love bale, but Conroy has been THE voice of Batman for too long to not make him my top choice.