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A plain ol' goodie, 2 January 2013

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I saw a quick preview of this film and instantly bought it. I had never seen a film made in the perspective of a shooter's parents before and i was wondering how it would be made. I think that this film was well-made. Nothing to jump off the roof about, but definitely not a cringer either. What i enjoyed most was watching the dynamic of the about to split up couple go through it's ups and downs--it was VERY realistic and i appreciated that touch there. Although, i would've been happier to know more of the details about the shooting and why the son did it--but i guess just like in real life, you never really know why mass shooter's do these things. You just be a good parent and hope for the best. I enjoyed the heart in this film.

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Excellent!!, 2 January 2013

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The raunchiness is the ELEMENT that did it for me in this film. Yet, it made the story of slavery a new one! Tarantino managed to stay historically accurate in this film while adding the twist to cookie cutter slave film. A slave that rises up and takes vengeance! And by God i was sure just as happy to see him take on those ill-mannered, evil slave owners. Never before have i ever respected Jamie Foxx as an actor, singer, or whatever, but now i have a totally new and fresh outlook on him. Not once did i see the TV personality/comedy "Jamie Foxx". He took the part of Django and turned him into an eager to learn, big hearted, clever and quick thinking slave that had me rooting for him from the beginning to the end. DiCaprio, whom i've never seen him before play the antagonist, just blew my mind. By the time they were having dinner at Candieland, i was so frightened and yet drawn to the character of Mr. Candie that I was having a hard time not imagining what would it really have been like to be "owned" by someone like that if i had been born a century ago? Not to mention the star power of Sam Jackson, and Kerry Washington. Their presence while it was only and mostly towards the end, had an overbearing impact on this film. Overall, Tarantino did a DYNAMITE job getting this cast together with the most unlikely of people (IMO) and i thoroughly enjoyed it. GO! GO! GO AND SEE IT!

Sinister (2012/I)
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A whatever movie., 2 January 2013

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Good thing i didn't spend 13.50 at the theater to see it. Rather i waited to get it and watch from the comfort of my own home, and let me tell you that even though my living room has all the theatrical aspects to enhance the viewing experience, i was utterly unmoved by the whole film. The acting was terrible, the plot was slower than drugged snail. The whole time i kept texting and checking my twitter for updates as the plot dragged on and on. There were so many parts that didn't make any logical sense of why the director would put it in there. Perhaps he wanted us to guess?? For example, the unexplained mishaps of their son Trevor their son. What exactly did he "used" to suffer from and why the heck was he in a box or running outside in the middle of the night? The film just threw those scenes in to move the story along. The wife (with the random British accent) kept nagging and just seemed like another plot device. I cared about no one in this film and quite frankly at the end, i shrugged when his daughter slaughtered the whole family. Next!