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Generic plot but great acting., 2 January 2013

Although I thought the plot was a little generic, the movie is less about the road trip and more about the relationship that develops between Andrew and his mother throughout the trip. Streisand does an excellent job at portraying the over-caring Jewish mother, and Rogen's character is the distant son who went off to college to do great things, and hasn't had much time to spend with his widowed mother.

Andrew drags his mother along with the hope of bringing her back into the dating world despite the fact that they both know the trip will be slightly awkward and a little uncomfortable. And it is. But as a comedy, there are several typical shenanigans that the pair get into, and the interaction between the two actors is absolutely amazing.

There are also a couple very intense arguments which are even a little uncomfortable, but gives the movie more depth than most comedies. But overall, the individual scenes are very funny and I would watch this movie again just to see Streisand and Rogen's performances.

Tony Napalm,