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Carrie (1976)
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A Classic, 9 November 2004

Why do people hate this movie so much? Yeah, true, lots of people love it and call it Stephen King's best film, (a film based on one of his books I mean) But then at the same time I have also heard people say that it is a huge disappointment, and a long, boring movie. That my friends, is flat out ridiculous.

The film is about a young girl named Carrie. She is very sweet, and very quiet. All the kids make fun of her, because she does not act like all the other kids. She is secretly telekinetic, and she lives with a mother who is so Christian that it is not Christian-like anymore. Then, one day, some kids decide to play a prank of Carrie. Little do they know, playing a joke on Carrie is like signing your own death certificate.

This film is way cool. You got John Travolta and Sissy Spacek on the screen showing how the great actors do it, and you have Brain De Palma and Larry Cohen, Two geniuses, in charge of doing the adaptation. It doesn't get any better.

Misery (1990)
Disturbing And Shocking!, 9 November 2004

Misery, without a doubt, is one of the most shocking films I have ever seen. I have a great deal of respect for it, because it is terribly disturbing and shocking, but it has no gore in it at all. Sure there is a little blood here and there, but those scenes are not even the shocking ones. That's when you know that you have a seriously cool horror flick on your hands.

It is about Paul Sheldon. A very well known writer. Every time he decides to write a new book, he rents a cabin out in some small town, so he can concentrate without being disturbed. So, he has just finished his new book. He is on his way back to the publishers, while driving in a nasty snow storm. The roads are so slick, that he drives off of them and gets into a horrible wreck. But, he is in luck. (Or so he thought) A very obsessive fan who is also a nurse was following him, when he had his wreck. So she gets him out of his car, and takes her back to his place. He thinks his troubles are over. Little does he know, that the real horror is about to begin...

Wow. That is all I have to say about this film. Wow. This filmed messed me up so bad. There is one scene in particular, that had my nerves going crazy for at least ten minutes after it was over. The best way to watch this film, is with the lights off, and try your hardest to put yourself in this guys shoes. You do this, and your guarantees to be at least temporarily disturbed.

An excellent movie, and a must see.

It's Alive (1974)
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Larry Cohen's Cult Classic, 9 November 2004

It's alive, is good, cheesy, horrorific fun! Of course it is nothing that could ever be taken seriously, but if you like the old cheesy horror flicks from the mid 1970's, then IT'S ALIVE is the film for you! It is so fun to watch, and at times it even gets a little bit scary.

The film begins with Frank Davis and Lenore Davis. Lenore is about to give birth to Frank's child. They're second child. They get to the hospital, and everything seems to be going smooth, until the baby comes out... It has green skin, sharp finger nails, and FANGS! It kills all of the doctors, and then escapes. Now, there is a little baby/monster on the loose, ready to kill everything in site! Everyone is in danger!

This movie is so great. It is the kind of story that you would tell around the campfire late at night. Your old fashion ghost story, ON SCREEN! It is a must see. Check it out. If you like it, you should also check out BASKET CASE.

"It" (1990)
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Truly Terrifying!, 9 November 2004

Stephen King's IT, is definitely one of the best Stephen King adaptations I have ever seen, and it is by far the best made for TV horror film I have ever seen. Like a lot of King films, it is suspenseful, scary, and in a way funny all at the same kind.

We have a group of adults: Richie, Eddie, Stan, Beverly, Bill, and Mike. When they were a kid, they had to destroy a killer clown that feasts upon young children. Now, the clown is back, and they all must re-unite to stop him, once and for all.

Tim Curry stunned me with his performance in his roll as PENNYWISE THE KILLER CLOWN. I never thought he could pull off a roll like that.

And of course, John Ritter does a good job in her performance, as always.

Everything was good about this film. Every King Fan Should See It.

Tom Savini Returns!, 8 November 2004

... And he isn't the only one! Jason is back, and ready to kill some more bad teens that are up to no good! Friday The 13th: The Final (yeah right) Chapter is a great movie and must be seen by all Friday The 13th fans! I love the style of it, and it is way fun to watch.

A group of kids, are staying at a house out by Camp Crystal Lake. They do all the things that teens like to do: Have sex, drink beer, smoke weed, and do it all without anybody to stop you! Well kiddies, I hate to break it to you, but there is someone to stop you. Jason Voorhees!

Alright, look at the cast people. Corey Feldman from the great movies Stand By Me, The Lost Boys, and Bordello Of Blood. We also have Crispin Glover, from Back To The Future, and WILLARD. And even beyond that, we have Tom Savini, master of gore f/x. What more do you need? Jason + Savini + Feldman = One Heck Of A Movie! Go buy the Friday The 13th Box Set today!

In The Words Of Jack Skeleton: 'WHAT IS THIS?!?!?!', 8 November 2004

Oh my goodness! This is awful! It should be illegal! What happened??? Did Fritz Gordon write this screenplay while he was on crack??? And the producers!! What were they thinking??? Who reads the script for this movie and says 'Wow, I would like to be a part of this film. Let's do it!'

There is nothing likable about this movie. The acting is terrible, the editing is terrible, the script is terrible, the direction is terrible, THE WHOLE MOVIE IS JUST FLAT OUT TERRIBLE. I can't believe that this film was made by the same people that made the first film. I am SO disappointed

One year after the events of the first film, Angela is back to kill once again. Once this time, she is going to kill them in the weakest ways possible! Oh but wait, there is more, now she is a rap artist! Maybe now they can do a movie called 8 MILE PART 2 SLEEPAWAY CAMP PART 4: ANGELA VS RABBIT. It can be all about those two battling it out on the stage.

Stay away from this movie. But if you do see it, and you like it, I also recommend MALEVOLENCE (2004) and THE LAST SLUMBER PARTY.

The New Beginning, 8 November 2004

People have had so many different opinions on this film. Some say that it is a classic, a great film, like Halloween. Others say that it is way over rated, boring, dull, and the only thing good about it is the Savini F/X. So, I decided that before I write a review for this film, I should watch it again to refresh my memory. That is exactly what I did...

The film is about a group of teenagers, who are getting ready to open up CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE. A camp that is suppose to have a death curse on it. The kids at the camp are going to be counselors, but they have to get everything straitened up first. People don't like the fact that the camp is getting started up, because some kids have died there before. Now, the deaths are starting up again, and once again, kids at the camp are getting killed.

After watching the film once again, without seeing it in years, this is what I think: It is a very good movie. Like a lot of films, you just have to have a specific love for old campy slasher movies. This was made in 1980. A time where the majority of horror movies didn't really have much of a plot, just a bunch of kids getting sliced and diced.

So, in conclusion, if you like old cheesy slasher flicks, you will like Friday THE 13th!

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Jason Lives!, 8 November 2004

Jason Lives indeed, and he is once again ready to kill! Friday The 13th part six was a great way for Paramount to bring Jason back. Better kills, better gore, and even though it's not all that scary this time around, it is ACTING PACKED! This is when the series turned into more FUN horror movies then SCARY horror movies.

The film begins with a not so young Tommy Jarvis, who has grown up to be a nutcase. He isn't all that bad, but he is OBSESSED with killing Jason Voorhees. But when he gets to his destination, he does the exact opposite! Rather then killing Jason, he sets him free! Now, Tommy must find a way to put an end to Jason once and for all.

This movie is so freaking killer. It is my second favorite in the series. The death scenes are gorier. In one of the death scenes, Jason punches through a guys chest, and pulls his heart right out of his body! There are many cool deaths in this film. It is a must see!

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Jason Vs... Carrie?, 8 November 2004

This film is flat out ridiculous. I have heard people refer to this film as ONE OF THE BEST IN THE SERIES. People, it's just not true at all. I can see how SOME people would like this film, because it does have some cool death scenes, and Jason looks way awesome in it, but the plot of the movie is nothing but ridiculous.

Here is the plot of the film: A young girl was born with telekinetic powers. She has been dealing with this problem since she was a little girl. So, her doctor, and her mother, take her to her fathers old house to try to trigger the telekinesis and try to figure out how to stop it.........

Oh yeah and Jason is running around in the woods killing people as well.

I think paramount forgot that these films are suppose to be about JASON, not about the people that he hunts. Yeah, sure, we get to know a little bit about all the characters in these movies as time goes by, but this film is actually ABOUT the main chick and Jason is just another person in the film. It's ridiculous. These films are suppose to focus on Jason.

But anyway, I guess if you're a big Friday The 13th fan, check this one out just to see it, and so you know all of Jason's past when you move on to part 8.

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Kinda Funny, 8 November 2004

Alright, so people have called this movie HILARIOUS, and others have called DULL AND BORING, but the truth is that neither one of these are correct. It is only like 5 minutes long, so it is impossible for it to be boring. If you can't sit there for five minutes without getting bored then you have problems. As for Hilarious, it's not that funny. It has a few things that will make you chuckle, but you have to have seen NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD before understanding any of the jokes. Over all, it is a pretty good waste of 5 minutes, and all Night Of The Living Dead fans outta check it out. It can be found on the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Millennium EDITION DVD which I must say is KILLER!

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