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Better than expected, 14 October 2005

I have never been a huge fan of Mr Brosnan and this film has not changed my view TOTALLY. On balance I enjoyed it especially the twist in the tale which was at variance with the original movie and although I don't feel that it is as good as the original (what sequel ever is) it sure made for an pleasant evenings entertainment. Given that to follow such a classic original as the one starring 'the king of cool himself', this company should be congratulated for a very good effort. Certainly worth watching and far better and slicker than other, more highly publicised thriller movies. Go with open mind and enjoy the show.

Open House (2003) (TV)
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Fairly boring attempt at family drama, 9 September 2004

Having read the first description on IMDb of this film, I could not believe it referred to the same film as the one which I watched? Yes, the girl (Samantha) was abandoned by her husband (David - NOT King) but she remained in the family home rather than moved to another, as the earlier review mistakenly stated. Then she met 'King' with whom she became romantically involved - with the rest of the film revolving around their gently developing romance. Rita Moreno played the part of a lodger at the home of Samantha as did the young Asian girl 'Lavendar'. Generally the film was quite predictable and although never controversial, it sufficed to entertain in a gentle way. Does Christine Lahti (Samantha) ever play a different role as they all seem so very similar to one another??