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Wacked out fun!!!, 7 June 2005

This is a completely goofy comedy. A fun film that is not serious at all. Frankly it's the best stuff I've seen from Tim Meadows in a long time and I have to admit...I love Alanna Ubach!! She is beautiful and one heck of an actress. (check out Freeway -- she is great in that). Did I say she is beautiful?? She looks fabulous in this film (especially when she does the Breakfast at Tiffany's look).

Plus Antonio Sabato, Jr. is funny, there are three Ninja chicks, a midget and Anna Nicole....What else could you want? If you want to see something goofy and funny then check this film out. Jason London and Barney Cheng play good femme gay males and I think that this and D.E.B.S. would be a great double feature!

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Excellent, great acting and a good story., 16 February 2005

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What a discovery. Saw this film at the Pan-African Film festival and was really moved by it. The little boy who plays Musa is a discovery! This kid will be in many movies in the future and is adorable.

The cast is excellent across the board, the look of the film is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about the film. My only drawback.. it's a tad long. The film is an art-house film, but I think can be enjoyed by all audiences if you give it a chance.

The story deals with AIDS in Africa, a much overlooked epidemic. This film fills in some answers without preaching. f you get a chance to check this film out, do so. It's great.

Pariah (1998)
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Very real... best raw drama since Romper Stomper, 16 February 2005

I saw this film on DVD from England and was very pleasantly surprised. People seem to be split into two camps (big American History X fans and those who realize Am. History X is utterly fake). I fall into the latter category.

As someone who grew up in the punk scene, this film is the closest to portraying skinheads realistically that I've ever seen. With solid acting from unknowns that reminded me of Romper Stomper.

Dave Ward in particular was really good. Plus it has an incredible soundtrack. PS -- for those other punkers out there, Joe Wood from T.S.O.L. plays the lead skinheads' father and really rocks!! It was great to see someone from the real scene in the film. Bands like Minor Threat, Social Unrest and a bunch of cool young punk bands have music on the disc which was very cool. (i hated the classical/operatic score of Am. History X).

I really liked this film a lot, although I seem to be in the minority on this website. It's raw, real and the actors are really believable. Plus it has pretty cool hand-held camera work. I think it's definitely worth checking out...