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Killed me slowly, 30 December 2012

This has to be the WORST film of 2012 I wanted to sleep 20mins into this film. Pointless talking in this film. The actors I wonder what possessed them to do this film. Brad Pitt is surely on his way out. I will NOT post any spoilers because it surely ain't worth it. I was with my friend and people just started leaving one by one because it was that terrible. I fell asleep. If I saw this movie alone I would have left as well. How this film has a 6.9 meta score is beyond me. There are some scenes that are so so and that's about the only entertaining thing. The trailer is very misleading, totally misleading. This should have never been made. Any actor/ actress that has this film credited to their name will never leave the shame of this film

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Amazing, totally was not expecting this movie to be great!, 30 December 2012

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Saw this movie today, twice all the songs they sang blew me away and I loved how they played tribute to The Breakfast Club in which I'm a huge fan of that 1980's film. I was skeptical about seeing this as most 'gleek' fans were into this but me and my friend were blown away. I have now downloaded the soundtrack and can't stop playing it. So yea call me lame I don't care. I am very excited about seeing this film a few more times and owning it on DVD. If there is a sequel I hope they don't ruin it just look at films like 'Save The Last Dance' sequel... Went straight to DVD and everyone hated it. A perfectly chosen cast, this movie made me get my groove on ready for New Year's Eve out. Well hopefully I'll go out. Ignore any negative comments and see it with an open mind. You won't be disappointed