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Good Summer Movie, 8 August 2011

Just saw this one, I really liked the set up.

I am not familiar with the series from the 70s and was NOT a fan of Tim Burton's movie a few years back, but knowing this series existed and how this was going to be Hollywood's attempt at refreshing this series... well, I have to say, well done!

I really liked the setup, and the second act, the 3rd act was just OK, if not really predictable by that point.

I feel like some studio heads got involved and tore this 2 hour plus movie into the 90 minute flick we all saw.

This is a film that could really knock one out of the park with a director's cut that goes a bit deeper into the character and mythology development. I really do think by the end, this film does feel rushed.

All that being said, can't recommend this enough... good storyline, good development and a satisfying ride when all is said and done. Not your typical popcorn movie, but does itself well as one for the summer of 2011.

Kudos to the actors, writers and directors, this was a really good movie that could have been great had it not been for some studio boss's notes that were "suggested" - hey, just my speculation, but if a director's cut ever comes out on DVD/BluRay, it may actually be worth watching!

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Comedy Central Presents..., 9 February 2008

I couldn't resist. I got the email promoting Flavor Flav's new show on the email thread that I probably could not PAY Comedy Central to cancel (I can not tell you how many times I have tried to unsubscribe from their crap!) And came across this little link... to their (I assume) 1st episode of Free Radio. OMG! Freakin' Genius... dear Comedy Central Marketing Troll that reads this, you should all be fired for not propping up this show in some viral campaign... Lance Krall is not that recognizable and this could EASILY be life imitating art for some time, as Lance (I know I don't know Ya, but I have been watching what ever I could of yours since "Kip" - genius!!).

I think many would catch on quickly, but it doesn't stop how damn funny Lance is. I, so far, am impressed with the tertiary story of "trying to replace Lance and Anna" and the receptionist that knows all - but this material will have to crafted to stay fresh, as the actors are great, but this could be the downfall of the show! More Lance and Anna!! Keep up the great work, gotta get to my DVR and set this one up - any chance there is a Comedy Central HD?

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Sorkin does it again!, 10 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now, I have just seen the pre-air version of "Studio 60," but I can say that the evolution of Sorkin's writing is upon us. Gone (for the most part) are the sometimes annoying chit-chat sessions of most often meaningless plot details. I still love the Steadi-cam shots, as they really set the atmosphere, but I fear I am preaching to the choir there. Interestingly, I actually found the acting and the actors using the material far better than what I have seen over the years in "Sports Night" and "West Wing". This certainly is no knock against the great actors in the other two mentioned shows, just that running banter seems a little more believable in this environment rather than a Sports News studio or the White House. Personally, this show has set the stage for a short run, 2 years if we are lucky... and I do see the (Sorkin)faithful finding their way to this show.(when you see the pilot, you'll get it, trust me!!) I mean, who doesn't want to see the serious side of what makes us laugh, and in that, just about every American has seen a "Saturday Night Live" or "In Living Color" or "MADtv", which the fictional "Studio 60 Live from the Sunset Strip" is a clear rip-off. Steven Weber is GREAT as the Network exec, Matthew Perry has said good-bye to Chandler Bing forever, Bradley Whitford is, well, the greatest - as always. I was definitely a HUGE fan of Sarah Paulson in HBO's Deadwood, though this pilot has really only revealed that her character could very well be the centerpiece of any controversy that might stem from this show. I will be watching to see what they do with her character in the future, could be some great comedy... or drama... or soapbox, you choose! Where to start regarding Amanda Peet... well, she's always very easy on the eyes, but watching her play something completely out of my expectation of her types of roles, was mesmerizing. They definitely have something there with her as well. At an hour long, no worries about a possible laugh track... though I think the drama will definitely out do the comedy on this show. And, by the way, courageous casting choice of DL Hughley - haven't seen too much of his serious side and no doubt we will see more. I see this is set for 9pm on Monday nights (10 Eastern)coming this fall... well, at least there is no NETWORK NFL football on Monday nights anymore - since no one actually has cable or the dish, right? I said earlier that this pilot does not seem to have quite set the table for a long run, but if we as an audience CAN get 40 episodes of this in the next couple of years - I see one of only two things that can happen: the show will have expanded from its base (heh) and created future directions in which to take this show or they'll hang it up with some great episodes in the can to make a worthy DVD series to add to your library.