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Best animated film I've ever seen, 6 September 2004

I have seen just about all of Miyazaki's films, and they are all beautiful and captivating. But this one rises above the rest. This movie totally impressed me!

I fell in love with Pazu and Sheeta, and their sweet, caring friendship. They were what made the movie for me. Of course, the animation is also superb and the music captures the feelings in the film perfectly. But the characters are the shining point in this movie: they are so well developed and full of personality.

Now, let me clarify: I'm really talking about the Japanese version of the movie (with English subs). While the English dub is good (mostly), it simply pales in comparison to the original language version. The voices are better, the dialogue, everything. So I suggest seeing (and hearing) the movie the way it originally was.

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Amazing, 6 September 2004

I was blown away by this film when I saw it for the first time. I know that a movie about a teenaged girl's issues with love, family, and her writing efforts doesn't appeal to everyone, especially since it is not action-packed in any way. But to me, it rang true. It reminded me a lot of myself, so I was easily absorbed by the movie's characters and plot.

Shizuku is the star of this movie: she's a 14-or-so year old girl living in Tokyo. The story revolves around her and her experiences with school, boys, writing, and reading (the latter two are her favorite past times). I can't say too much without giving away the plot, but it is magical the way Shizuku grows throughout the length of the movie. She learns to develop her talents and understand her relationships with others. It is a great story with great music and animation.

I loved this film. It is one of the best I've ever seen. I recommend it, although not everyone would enjoy it's simple whimsey.

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WAY better than expected!!, 5 September 2004

I don't like Japanese anime most of the time. In fact, the only anime I genuinely love comes from Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Now, I knew this movie was a Miyazaki film, but the fact that I'd never even SEEN or READ Lupin the series made me veeery hesitant to check this movie out. I'd seen it at the Library movie section but wasn't willing to fork over the one dollar to rent it.

I finally saw it yesterday, thanks to my sister, and MAN! was it awesome! I didn't expect it to play out like a regular Miyazaki film, but it did in every aspect I can think of: the animation style, the facial expressions, the plot, storyline and script, and the overall feel of the movie screamed Miyazaki. By the end, I even learned to love Lupin and the whole cast of characters who were all strangers to me at the beginning of the movie.

Aside from the corny 70's music, this movie was fun every step of the way. It was funny, romantic, dramatic, action-packed: everything! So I guess that sums it up well. I'm sorry I didn't watch it before, so now i'm telling you--GET THIS MOVIE! I'm sure you will find at least something in it that will entertain you.