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Red Eye (2005)
Hitchcockian Suspense -- Edge of Seat Thriller!!!
16 January 2006
What an awesome movie this was! I've been recommending it to everybody. With it's definite Hitchcockian overtones, Wes Craven proved he could do much more than just the run of the mill, hack an slash, adolescent boy horror. He can do grown-up suspense with the perfected elegance of a classic director. And the acting was superb. You're believing these characters within the first 10 minutes. The script is amazingly simple yet completely ingenious. You definitely don't have to be a rocket scientist to follow the plot line, yet it's intriguing and surprising... has some twists and turns that are completely unexpected. This movie was just wonderful!!!
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Match Point (2005)
Painful and predictable at best, boring at worst
16 January 2006
This was a complete waste of time. The only reason I rated it a two instead of a 1 (or 0) is because the acting was good. The script, however, was a piece of junk. It was boring in the worst moments (which were many) and in the best moments it was just painful and/or predictable. I've seen this movie a million times before, done better. It was completely unoriginal, disappointing, with no saving grace but, at least, good performances turned in by the participating actors. Too bad their talents were wasted on an unoriginal and absolutely abominable script. Don't waste your time on this. I don't want to give any spoilers, but if you've watched enough movies in your time, just having some movie experience will be a spoiler in itself. I kept waiting for something original to happen. Plus there was not a likable character in the bunch nor was anybody terribly believable as a character. I just don't have enough disparaging sentences to link together about this film.
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A movie that stays with you long after the closing credits
19 September 2005
This felt like MORE than a movie... it felt as if we had some sort of porthole into the lives of REAL people living the life of real addicts in a real city. The acting in this movie was impeccable. The characters were more than believable, they were so authentic that is was like watching a reality show. The human emotions that would trail across the faces and through the eyes of the characters followed by the desperation for the next fix... the slow sinking to new lows... each scene depicted the underworld that's out there and the selfish but pathetic lifestyle and thought processes of the addict, played out to their inevitable consequences. This movie was so real it hurt to watch it and various scenes have come back to haunt both my husband and myself for several days after having watched it. An amazing portrayal that maybe asks some questions but definitely has no answers only looks to us with empty eyes and open, shaky hands.
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Not much plot, lots of great special effects
4 July 2005
Handled well in that there's not much humor so you get involved and are tempted to take it more seriously, other than that, it reminded me of Independence Day. There was no humorous character to laugh at and keep things light... the movie was much darker than this and I actually enjoyed that for a change. The special effects were marvelous and Dakota Fanning was excellent. Also, it wasn't full of shlocky hoaky crap dialogue and did have a few weird characters with an occasional twist and turn that one might not expect. A little raw for a PG-13 rating. Must see it on the big screen, if you don't, don't bother to rent it.
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Cellular (2004)
An exhilarating thrill ride!
13 September 2004
Awesome flick! Kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The plot twists were surprisingly convincing and I didn't have to stretch too far to suspend disbelief. It way outshone my expectations and I found myself swept right up in the action. The acting was superb and the direction kept us moving from nail-biting suspense to laughing at the stereotyped ignorant store clerks, nasty lawyers and others that are encountered at various points in the script. What a great balance of believable and amusing! We had the greatest time enjoying this film. The parts that weren't so believable were very satisfying and the parts that were believable were incredibly suspenseful. The point is, the whole thing made for a terrific package. No, you won't go home a better person for having seen this. And you won't carry the images with you or ponder great philosophies because of it. It's not a To Kill a Mockingbird of Of Mice and Men, but it is a wonderful escape from all you problems for a couple hours and you'll feel like you've been on the most exhilarating thrill ride you could find in the park! All thumbs up for this one!
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