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Lage Raho MunnaBhai..............
4 September 2006
Now that i have visited the NEARBY single screen twice for LRM , it's about time to write a detailed review(quite a big achievement as it's 10 km away from my residence ,all thanks to the VVC-Multiplexes stand off).

Half an hour into the film & i was thinking , WTH is happening ova here? I mean there wasn't any definitive motive behind munna's shenanigans but as we reach towards the intermission point , i was squeezed into a compromise.

& the second half...well it delivers, delivers big time as munnabhai's "Gandhigiri"does create a "chemical locha" in our hearts & how ! Hats off to Hirani, & abhijat Joshi for creating such memorable screenplay which makes u rethink about bapu's relevance today, it's just stuffed up with great scenes whether it's about a man trying to get rid of unwanted stains on his door courtesy his pan chewing irreverent neighbour or an old retired teacher trying to get even with a corrupt officer in pure Gandhigiri style , they all create such a huge impact on one's psyche.

Arshad once again does a great job , on first viewing i founded him a bit OTT at times but the second session convinced me that his was a performance driven by astounding comic timing , well done circuit(though his screen time was a let down).

Boman as Lucky was great too , sometimes his Punjabi lingo faltered but overall this definitely is his first notable outing post MMBBS.

Vidya is good but her Guuuuuuudmorning mumbai does irritate u at times , still she was better than gracy .

& then there is sanjay dutt without whom munnabhai can never be what it is today , such a heartfelt performance that it makes u weep & smile at the same time ,one of the rarest of rare feet i must say.It's amazing to see that how he swings from Zinda's maniac urgency to munnabhai's goofy charm ,all in all Yet another awesome outing for him .

Easily the best film of the year , waiting for munnabhai's next innings and until then , Lage Raho Munnabhai.

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Performances galore
5 September 2004
Warning: Spoilers
One thing is often said of reruns. These actually tell you whether a movie is truly good. A great one will leave you falling in love all over again, and a not-so-great one will show its true colors in the second run, sometimes even after grossing highly in its first run.

And the pleasure of seeing a real good movie, all over again, is one of those still unparalleled in life. True for 'Vaastav' too. This is the film that rewrote the futures of both Sanjay Dutt and Mahesh Manjrekar.

This masterpiece from Manjrekar starts off on a light note highlighting the simplicity of a family of four. Raghu (Dutt) and his elder brother (Mohnish Behl) are struggling to find a proper job. Raghu finds peace and success in a pav-bhaji stall put up by him with the help of a few friends.

Depicting the true nature of life in the Mumbai chawls, we see how the course of events can so easily lead the average youngster astray. Compelled by circumstances, our hero, along with his best friend, takes to crime, and soon they become underworld kingpins.

Here the director is at his best, with acute and heartfelt rendering of the Mumbai underworld. So lifelike are these scenes that it was assumed by many that Manjarekar had connections with the underworld!

Especially wonderful is the way that the romance between the leads is handled. Namrata excels in a small but sensitive role of a prostitute. And the role played by 'ded-phutia', the best friend of Raghu, is absolutely breathtaking, albeit a little melodramatic.

But what was hugely touted as the major reason of the film's success was its ending, where we have a very sensitive portrayal of the futility of violence, as Raghu is killed by a bullet fired from his own gun and by his own mother.

The screenplay and editing is crisp and goes lengths in establishing the high quality of the film. An item number by Kashmira Shah went down very well with the audience, as did the rest of the music by Anu Malik.

But what is definitely the very essence and character of the movie is the unparalleled rendering of the cocaine-addicted underworld don, played by Sanjay Dutt as only he can. It brought back memories of the hugely successful 'Khalnayak', where Dutt had given a whole new meaning to the role of an underworld goon.

Overall, a must watch for those who had missed it earlier, and for those who had liked it the first time itself, this is as good a time as any for a flashback.
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