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An exeptionally great movie, which is sadly not always recognized as such., 4 February 2014

Lucky Number Slevin is definitely one of my favorite movies. It just has it all.

Though I am not really familiar with the work of Paul McGuichan, he really impressed me with this movie. Besides all the mystery, excitement, bloodshed and action, there is also time for romance and subtle humor.

The acting in the movie is superb. A mysterious Josh Hartnett and a playful and sexy Lucy Liu both demonstrate truly powerful acting performances which pull you into the movie and never let you go. Take those two for the leading roles, and complete the cast with celebrated actors like Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci and Ben Kingsley, and you have all the acting talent needed to make a truly great movie.

Lucky Number Slevin is an amazingly intelligent movie that really keeps you guessing until it reaches its final parts. I have to say that it became a little confusing at some point, but when the movie evolves further, everything becomes perfectly clear. What a plot twist this movie has. Truly amazing.

I highly recommend Lucky Number Slevin to everyone. You will most definitely not regret seeing it.

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Hilarious and original, which is all it was meant to be., 4 November 2013

Although 'This is the end' does not have the greatest storyline in the history of film, it is a very inventive movie in its own way. The fact that every actor and actress plays him or herself makes the movie quite original and refreshing. Besides that, there is also the fact that the makers took an overused theme, the end of the world, and made it completely their own.

'This is the end' hasn't failed a second to make me laugh. It is a very clever and entertaining comedy, with hilarious and dirty dialogues. I do have to admit, however, that the storyline can feel a little bit too ridiculous from time to time, even for this kind of movie. The acting in the movie was not that spectacular, but the actors involved were all born for this kind of movie.

For anyone who can truly appreciate a hilarious movie which is made specifically to humor and entertain people, and has no other hidden agenda whatsoever, this is definitely a must watch.