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Here is a little series of casting choices for a live action One Piece movie. I will start off with the Straw Hat Crew. If you have any choices for the characters listed, tell me and I'll consider it. No jokes like "Taylor Latner should be Usopp". *beep* THAT! I'm not gonna offend my own fandom by casting that talentless twat as Sogeking!
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And for the final part of this little series, I will now pick the Supporting Characters.
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Now my choices for who should make this movie if it were to be made.
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Time for the Homunculi.
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Here I cast the Amestris Military. (Note: You should know why King Bradley isn't here.)
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Here I cast the characters of Fullmetal Alchemist. Starting with the characters from The Elric Brothers hometown of Resembool.
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Here are my choices for the Villains of One Piece. For characters like the Arlong Pirates and Don Krieg's Crew, I want the effects to be practical.
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My choices for the villains of the Dragonball Series.
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Since Michael Bay has decided to defile the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles along with his butt buddy Jonathan Liebesman with horrible casting, Mo-Cap Shredder, Megan Fox, last person I'd have teaching Martial Arts and CG Turtles (and that's just half of it), I've decide to show how to properly cast and make it. Also, I want the effects for the Turtles, Baxter Stockman as a giant fly, Krang/Utroms, Metelhead, Bebop and Rocksteady, ETC, I want them to be practical effects. Krang/Utroms should be either an animatronic puppet or a practical effect.
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These are the people I would want cast if a Dragonball Reboot were to be made.
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These are my choices for the supporting characters of Dragonball.
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Here's the list of people I would like to have make the Dragonball Reboot if it should get made.