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not perfect, but important, 6 September 2004

As flawed as it might seem, and as much as Mariel Hemingway's body may have been exploited in the interest of box office sales... This was a very important movie for me and many girls my age. It was the first movie we ever saw that let us know that we weren't the only girls in the world who liked other girls. And it showed us that this could be beautiful and that we weren't freaks. For that it will always hold a special place in my heart. And the same goes for many other lesbians around my age.

Girl Play (2004)
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Boring, Ugly Video with Zero laughs and Zero Crossover Appeal, 5 September 2004

As in ZERO chance of crossing over to anyone who wasn't in the cast or crew of this arrogant little video that is completely full of itself. Most of the video consists of one of the two 'unfunny-comedians turned untalented-actresses' standing on a stage talking to an empty audience -- a sign perhaps?-- and smirking at their own jokes. Robin Harmon and Lacy Greenspan's performances are so terrible that the poor editor often has to cut in the middle of WORDS.

How can a person standing on a stage be that hard to videotape? This is basic stuff but vision less direction and bland acting make for an endless night of awkwardly paced and over edited monologues. It mostly feels like the movie is just complaining at you.

Razzie winner Dom Deluise appears in it just long enough to show us why he can't get acting gigs. His scene was so obviously shot separate from everything else. It felt like he was just there to pay off some kind of favor.

The whole mess looks like it's shot on home video and mostly sounds like it was recorded on an answering machine. The script is awful. When it isn't congratulating itself with annoying in jokes, it takes tired -- mostly offensive -- pot shots at "aggressive" lesbians, "meddling" Jewish women, and "swishy" gay men.

Welcome to the 21st century, where just saying 'it's a lesbian movie' isn't enough. We lesbians want our movies to be about something. This might have been a minor accomplishment 20 years ago -- minus the mean spirited antisemitic and homophobic stereotypes -- but amateur director Lee Freelander is simply out of her league. She tries to stage dated clichés and pretends they're revolutionary. She REALLY pats herself on the back with the longest most boring, sexless, sex scene ever put on video. Lesbians have needs!

We have amazing, funny, complex and powerful lesbian-themed indie films like 'Monster' 'DEBS' 'The Politics of Fur' and hit shows like 'The L Word' and 'Six Feet Under' so thank goodness we are no longer forced to put up with garbage like 'Girl Play.'

This is easily the worst 'lesbian movie' ever made (and I sat through 'Cat Woman') AVOID THIS VIDEO! Stay home and argue with your girlfriend for free.

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an excellent film, 4 September 2004

I went into this film expecting the worst since I don't care for remakes, but what I got was something daring and original. Fur takes the basics from Fassbinder's original and takes it to another level. The cinematography and direcion are excellent and the acting is superlative,

especially by the lead, Katy Selverstone, who could have gone the easy route

and camped it up but instead gives an absolutely riveting and engaging

performance. I saw this at a festival but hopefully it will get a wider release

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a really great, fun, film, 4 September 2004

Now I have read over all the narrow minded comments by the naive people

who've seen this movie, and it really makes me wonder, why'd they bother

commenting on it if they're so closed minded and/or homophobic? I'm most

definitely not homophobic and I am the most open minded person there is, and

this movie was great. I loved the performance by Natasha Lyonne as a naive

teenager coming to terms with who she really is. Clea DuVall was also great,

even though we've seen her play the rich, spoiled, loner in her other movies. The whole plot of this movie was hilarious and took the controversy of

homosexuality and poked fun at the stereotypes surrounding it. I've watched this movie 8 times so far and still laugh. The love scene between Graham and

Megan was well done and could be tolerated by even the straightest person. I

could really relate to this movie, which is why I was able to watch it over and over again. Nothing can stop true love - not even the lacking of a penis in a relationship. Great frickin' movie!

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Better than double fudge!!!, 4 September 2004

I thought I should start closing my blinds at night, since the character of Frances IS me! I was extremely impressed by the two leads, Karen Dwyer and Christina Cox.

Their love making scenes were utterly realistic, a tribute to the acting ability of these two lovely ladies.(unless, of course, they are truly lesbians) But for me, the supporting cast was equally amazing. This is a group of great Canadian actors, who have proven once again that Canada can hold her own when it comes to

the arts. Outstanding performances by Peter Outerbridge, Anne-Marie MacDonald and

Wendy Crewson. I loved every one of you. I think anyone who feels the need to dis this movie is taking life way too

seriously!(Nothing like a dyke with an attitude, eh?)

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a fantastic movie, 4 September 2004

The movie centers around a young African-American lesbian,who is researching

a old time actress nicknamed"The Watermelon Womam"who is very similar to

her.This is a good film documentary.Ms.Dunn does a good job filming the movie along with making it work with the cast. This movie doesn't come up short to me,and serves its never gets off the storyline,and has one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.The director challengers both race and sexuality makes this film more remarkable.Dealing

with the fact that she is having a relationship that is straining her friendship because of race. The director takes us into her point of view.Her lifestyle.Her way of thinking.And most of all,her life.Also learning about a woman who like her,had a inter race relationship,and who also was an actor.

Bound (1996)
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10 out of 10! Perfect!, 4 September 2004

Bound is a sexy, stylish and suspenseful modern visitation to the film noir genre that emerged in the 1940s and 1950s. Right from the outset - where the letters of the film's name cast deep dark shadows like high-rise buildings - the viewer is inducted into a world where duplicity is the norm and where choices made

result in prices being paid. And with over $2 million of Mob money at stake, the risk to life and limb is very high indeed. Violet is a latter-day gangster's moll looking for a way out of 'the business'. Her chance comes when her boyfriend, Ceasar, brings home a fortune in cash to be

sorted and collated before being passed on to the Chicago Mafia. She seduces

the tough-talking ex-con who is renovating the next-door apartment (an

impressively butch Gina Gershon) and together they scheme to relieve the Mob

of the money. But when Ceasar doesn't react according to plan, suddenly there are dead bodies to deal with and events begin to spiral out of control. The

women's trust in each other is stretched to breaking point as they are drawn into a deadly battle of wits. Directors Larry and Andy Wachowski make judicious use of the conventions of

film noir, such as extensive chiaroscuro, and some imaginative and

uncomfortable extreme close-up shots. The clever cinematography is backed up

by a tension-laden script and an excellent cast (particularly Joe Pantoliano as the increasingly frenzied Ceasar). Although Bound may take some viewers out

of their comfort zone with its graphic lesbian sex scene (which I LOVE!) and

depiction of Mob torture tactics, it is a film that will reward its audience with a stylish and intelligent foray into the eternally murky confluence of good and evil.

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a gorgeous, sensual delight, 4 September 2004

A gorgeous, sensual delight. This is one of the most beautiful movies i have

ever seen. It is hard to come by honest romantic lesbian movies and catching

this one on TV was certainly one of the highlights in the past years.

The movie managed to provoke many emotions in me, from joy, to anger, to

deep sorrow and everything in between. It got me started to look into the

Canadian movie scene more, especially on this type of topic, as there are

excellent examples out there, this being a prime one.

Since accidentally buying this film a week ago, I've been watching it almost

everyday. It is a very moving piece, incredibly romantic and beautifully shot. I have no expertise on movie direction but all credit goes to Patricia for her

creativity. Apart from being incredibly gorgeous, the leading ladies gave a very moving performance, which intern moved me.

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Fresh, new perspective of young lesbians today, 4 September 2004

This movie is one that I can watch over and over again. It is something fresh and new. The screenwriter/director does a great job of bringing many different

aspects of young lesbian existence. For example, by bringing together people of different races, social economic status, and different family make-ups; it opens one's eyes to different possibilities. It is quite opposite of what is usually thought of when one thinks of a gay or lesbian film. This movie does not stay in a box; it busts the box instead. Every time I see this movie, I am able to pick up on

something that I hadn't seen before. Although this is a movie where you don't really have to think much; I tend to analyze regardles. I found that it is not the what actually happens on the surface that really keeps me coming back for

more. It is the intricate underlying messages that the screenwriter/director is trying to get across that engages me.

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a thoroughly entertaining and wonderful movie, 4 September 2004

I've seen this movie at least a dozen times and it never fails to make me cry. It's a simple love story, but the fact that it's two women in love in Nevada in the 1950's gives it special significance. Unlike a lot of lesbian movies that were made in the 1980's, this one isn't all doom and gloom. It's actually a movie that will make you remember being young, impulsive and in love. It leaves the

viewer feeling hopeful about the future. Vivian Bell is a professor who comes to Nevada in the 1950's for a quickie divorce from her husband. While there she

meets Cay Rivers and Cay opens up a whole new world to her and makes

Vivian realize there's more to life than her stuffy, professional existence in New York. In addition, this movie has the most touching, intimate, erotic, and soulful love scene that I have EVER seen between 2 women in a movie.

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