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"Suit Up" (2012)
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I have no idea what I watched, 5 January 2013

These 13 minute "skits," with the writers capitalizing on every attempt to work in DirectTV or it's corporate sponsors (even mentioned them as a TV sponsor for the team), are an odd hybrid of most every football movie or show about football in the south, mixing in a little bit of Varsity Blues with some Friday Night Lights and a dab of the Bad News Bears (second version) and even a little bit of the Replacements thrown in for even touches on the Allstate "mayhem" commercial that had the fans rioting and chasing the official.

Dunnigan (Jackson), is great. His deadpan sarcasm almost makes you forget some of the other horrible acting, most notably Luther and the annoying TV announcer.

If you are looking for 30 minutes of very very odd humor, this is your show. If not, I'd recommend staying away.